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How Do Massage Chairs Work?

To understand how a massage chair works, it’s useful to understand what a professional massage therapist does. A massage therapist uses several pressure-induced techniques, including kneading, gliding, compression and friction. A electric massage recliner chair also works in the same way because it is expertly designed to perform the techniques of a massage therapist in the comfort of your own home. But what exactly are the mechanics behind such a technologically advanced, precise invention that affords unparalleled mental and physical health benefits?

Let’s take a closer look to find out how the massage chair does what it does best.

Roller Tracks

Rollers are without doubt among the most important parts of a massage chair. They deliver the same effect of a professional massage therapist’s trained hands, providing intense movements that effectively massage the body. They’re flexible and provide a wide range of movement which enables them to target deep within the entire body.

Motors, Gears and Vibrating Mechanisms

Massage chairs also use vibration to create a massage effect. This is made possible by small electronic devices within the chair that contain gears and wheels. To get a more effective vibration and massage, the chair uses several gears and wheels that rotate very rapidly across its surface. The speed at which these gears and wheels spin can be controlled by the user, allowing them complete autonomy over their massage.


The microprocessor is the brain of the massage chair and is where massage therapy techniques and instructions are stored. Like a computer, it’s smart and powerful and holds a lot of information, including the expert massage techniques programmed into it – such as kneading, tapping, rolling, deep tissue, air compression, shiatsu and reflexology. Through the microprocessor, the massage chair receives commands from the remote control, which it then applies.

Remote Control

Most leather massage chairs for sale have a remote control that allows the user to choose the preferred setting quickly, easily and efficiently. The remote control allows the intensity, movements and speed of the rollers, gears, and motors to be adjusted, which affords control and an improved, more personalised massage experience.

Ultimately, the intelligent design of a best massage chair in Australia, along with its pre-programmed modes and efficient parts all working in harmony, affords world-class massage therapy. It offers a full body experience; a foot massager, a neck massager, a head massager, as well as massages for back, legs, arms, shoulders and more. Its futuristic, unparalleled design makes the massage chair the epitome of luxury and wellness – and one that awards anyone their very own massage on demand in the comfort of their own home.

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