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The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs in Australia

A Zero Gravity massage chair from inTouch combines NASA research into optimum relaxation with the very best in Australian design and technology, so you can get the most out of your massage chair.

inTouch Massage Chairs was established in 2012, and since then we have been developing both our products and our reputation to become Australia’s massage chair specialist – designing a range of chairs and massage products to suit all needs and budgets. With our proudly Australian-owned and operated business, we include patented and exclusive features as well as an experienced technical team as part of what we offer. Here you can find the passionate and professional staff ready to enrich the lives of our customers using the very best in massage technology.

One of the things that we feel is important in our electric massage recliners is the technology of the zero gravity massage chair. Read More

Why Buying a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Developed by NASA as the ideal position to help astronauts deal with compression forces as they launch into space, the Zero Gravity position involves reclining with the feet elevated. Also known as the ‘neutral body position’, Zero Gravity is specifically designed to offer the most comfortable and relaxing positioning for the whole body.

Buying a Zero Gravity massage chair in Australia means getting a two-fold benefit. Not only will you get our amazing technology in terms of heat and massage, but even just getting into the chair will immediately give you a world of benefits purely from this position.

Zero Gravity offers a way for your whole body to instantly relax, allows the spine to regain the natural ‘s’ curve, provides better lung expansion and less work for the heart, making the blood flow better, making oxygen circulation better, and generally improving your wellbeing.

With our Zero Gravity massage chair for sale, you can take advantage of the very best in Australian ingenuity combined with NASA research for the ultimate in relaxation. Most inTouch massage chairs recline into the Zero Gravity position.

We love all our range, of course, but the Evolve could be the perfect full body massage Zero Gravity chair for you, thanks to the innovative technology including touchscreen controls, Bluetooth music connectivity and stunning, space-saving design. Take advantage of the targeted air compression that works in conjunction with intelligent rollers to provide the right level of relaxation and invigoration – so you can recline in the perfect position while getting the massage that your shoulders, back, calf and knee, and even feet deserve – with this Zero Gravity reflexology chair.

Buy Your Zero Gravity Chair with Confidence at InTouch Massage Chairs

One of the benefits of buying your Zero Gravity massage chair in Australia from inTouch is that you can take advantage of all our knowledge and expertise both before you buy and after installation – and thanks to our comprehensive three-year gold star warranty, you have the ultimate peace of mind for this investment.

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal, and thanks to our partnership with companies like humm, Payright and zipMoney, you can even spread the cost with 0% interest! Delivery is fast, efficient, and free to metro Brisbane, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Sydney (please see the postcode checker on the product page for delivery charges elsewhere).

Find the perfect zero gravity massage chair right here from inTouch and you’ll understand why we say that feeling is everything. Read Less

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