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Welcome to the most exciting and fun section of the inTouch website! Well … maybe not quite.

Although it can seem like a long list of legal text, we couldn’t be prouder of our terms and conditions. That’s because we don’t just talk a big game, we legally bind ourselves to deliver it.

Search for something in particular or preferably go through it with a fine-tooth comb. You can rest easy knowing you are in the best of hands.


1 – Agreement

1.1. These terms and conditions apply to our customers and users of our website and any associated processes and third-party applications, including the purchase of goods and services online, in our stores and over the phone and via email communication.

1.2. When you browse our website or online marketplaces or place an order with inTouch Massage Chairs, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that are set out in this agreement.

2 – Interpretation

2.1. In our terms and conditions:

2.1.1. “We”, “Our”, “Us” and “Company” refer to Vantage Direct Pty Ltd, trading as inTouch Massage Chairs.

2.1.2. “Customer” refers to the legal entity or person named in a sales document provided by our company.

2.1.3. “Order” refers to the purchase of goods and services by a Customer online, in our stores, over the phone or via email communication.

2.1.4. “Material” refers to any information (which includes but isn’t limited to drawings, source codes and data) or images of any type (whether or not they are visible) that are used or store on our website.

2.1.5. “Agreement” is referring to our terms and conditions, which includes the terms of any order that you, the user, have placed online, in our stores, via email or over the phone.

2.1.6. “Product/s” refers to items we have listed on our website, including our extended warranties.

2.1.7. “Delivery Cost” refers to the postage and handling costs that are associated with delivery of our products or goods to the customer.

2.1.8. “Website” is referring to our internet site that is located at the URL and operated by our company.

2.1.9. “Goods” refers to the products that an order lists.

2.1.10. “Pre-order” refers to any items that are currently out of stock, anticipating that they are in stock on or around the date of dispatch that is stated on the website’s product listing.

2.2. Within this agreement, any reference to one gender includes all genders, reference to the singular will also include the plural, reference to a statute or act includes any statute or act that modifies, replaces or supersedes early statutes or acts, reference to persons will include all associations and bodies, including incorporated and corporate, or vice versa. The paragraph headings are only for reference purposes and any references to clauses are to specific clauses found within this terms and conditions agreement unless it is otherwise specified.

3 – Pricing

3.1. All prices listed on our website are in Australian Dollars.

3.2. All prices listed on our website include GST.

3.3. All prices we display on our website may change and notice is not required. Once you confirm an order, the price for the items in that particular order are fixed.

3.4. When you place an order, you are agreeing to pay the applicable delivery cost as calculated during the checkout process on our website or by a team member in our stores.

4 – Orders

4.1. An order may be placed either by completing the checkout process on our website or by speaking with a team member over the phone or by communicating with a team member via email. When you place your order, you are agreeing to purchase the Product/s that you have selected based upon this Agreement.

4.2. Your order will be deemed as received by our company when we send you an order confirmation to the email address you have provided to us.

4.3. It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct contact details and that you check your provided email address and phone message service for our correspondence.

4.4. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order at any time before goods have been dispatched.

4.5. In the unlikely event that an order cannot be fulfilled due to insufficient stock, we will offer delivery when the item is back in stock or a full refund.

5 – Payment

5.1. We accept payment for orders by direct deposit, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, UnionPay and cash. We also offer finance options which are processed through humm (formerly Certegy Ezi-Pay), Payright or zipMoney.

5.2. When placing an order through our website, the payment will immediately be processed, including for any products that may be listed on pre-order. If the payment is not received for any reason, we may contact you to process the transaction or to confirm any details.

6 – Ownership of Goods and Delivery

6.1. Delivery and installation will be provided by our inTouch team for the selected areas outlined on our delivery page.

6.2. We will not dispatch massage chairs to a PO Box address.

6.3. Outside of selected areas, a carrier that we nominate will deliver the Goods during business hours Monday to Friday, unless another arrangement has been made.

6.4. If a customer wishes to cancel their order after the order has been dispatched, the cancellation will be at the discretion of our company. The customer is responsible for any costs associated with the return and redirection.

6.5. Deliveries carried out by third party carriers are to the front door or garage at ground level. Delivery does not include assembly, placement, removal of packaging, carrying items up elevators, up stairs or inside a building. The customer is responsible for bringing the purchased goods from the door or garage to the inside of buildings or residences.

7 – Money Back Guarantee

7.1. Refunds will be provided within 30 days of delivery for transactions made through our online store or over the phone by customers who cannot try the Good/s before purchase.  

7.2. Refunds will not be provided after 30 days of purchase.

7.3. Customers must comply with all directions from inTouch Massage Chairs to facilitate the return of any Goods.

7.4. Goods must be returned to inTouch Massage Chairs in their original packaging and in a resalable condition to be onsold as a reduced demo model. No writing or marks are to be visible on the packaging. Stickers with delivery information are to be used only.

7.5. inTouch Massage Chairs will refund the product cost only. The cost to replace any damaged parts will be deducted from the refund amount. The following fees and charges cannot be reimbursed:

7.5.1. The cost of returning the Good/s to inTouch Massage Chairs.

7.5.2. Delivery and installation charges from inTouch Massage Chairs. If items are purchased with free delivery and/or installation, charges will be deemed the actual costs that were incurred to deliver and/or install the item.

7.6. If a delivery is rejected or an order is cancelled after the dispatch of the goods, the situation will be dealt with under the terms of the Money Back Guarantee policy.

7.7. Once all return conditions have been met and inTouch Massage Chairs are in receipt of the returned product, the refund will be processed.

8 – Warranties

8.1. All massage chair products are covered by our company’s 5 year Gold Star Warranty.

8.1.1. Massager products are covered by our company’s 1 year Gold Star Warranty.

8.2. Our company warrants all of our goods for the warranty period under normal usage, to be free from workmanship and material defects.

8.3. Our liability under this warranty is to provide replacement parts, spare parts, to repair, or to entirely replace any product or part, without charge to the customer.

8.4. The warranty that we provided does not cover the following:

8.4.1. Damage that occurs due to abuse, inappropriate placement or abnormal use.

8.4.2. Consequential or indirect loss.

8.4.3. Products that have been modified or those that have not been properly maintained.

8.4.4. Normal wear and tear on the product, including superficial blemishes.

8.4.5. Damage to the delivery packaging only.

8.4.6. Damage caused by events such as floods, fire or  accidents or damage caused by pests, pets or rodents.

8.5. If a product arrives with a fault or is damaged, we will repair the faulty product or replace the product in accordance with the Gold Star Warranty provided by our company.

8.5. When customers have purchased an Extended Warranty, that warranty period will replace the original warranty period.

8.6. Customers requesting a service in accordance with our warranty must assist with our requests to provide further details, proof of purchase, investigation of the product by the customer, photos or videos if needed. This is so the provision of spare parts and/or repair and/or replacement solutions can be organised and carried out and we can provide a solution that is appropriate. 

8.7. Customers requesting a service outside of the warranty period understand that there will be fees charged to cover labour and parts.

8.8. Our product warranties cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. For major failure, you are entitled to a refund or replacement. We deem major failure to be faults that cannot be repaired. If the failure is not a major failure, our liability under this warranty is to provide replacement parts, spare parts, to repair, or to entirely replace (at our discretion) any product or part that is covered by the warranty, without charge to the customer.

8.9. Warranties cannot be transferred to another person or product.

9 – zipMoney

9.1 Available to approved applicants only.

9.2. Minimum monthly payments apply.

9.3. No deposit required.

9.4. Interest free period of 12 months on purchases of 0 – $3,000. Interest free period of 24 months on purchases of $3,000 – $5,000.

9.5. A borrowing limit of $5,000 applies for zipMoney.

9.6. After interest free period is finished, interest will accrue at the standard annual percentage rate.  

9.7. An establishment fee may apply to your account and will be added to the balance owing.

9.8. A monthly admin fee of $6 will apply to accounts with a balance owing.

9.9. Lending criteria, terms, conditions, fees and charges apply and are available on application.

9.10. Credit is provided by zipMoney Pty Ltd (ABN 58 164 440 993), Australian Credit Licence number 441878.

9.11. Visit to learn more about zipMoney.

10 – Humm

10.1 Available to approved applicants only.

10.2. Minimum monthly payments apply.

10.3. A 0% deposit is usual in most cases. In some cases, humm requires a higher deposit.

10.4. Interest free period up to 30 months, after which interest will accrue at the standard annual percentage rate.  

10.5. A borrowing limit of $10,000 applies for humm.

10.6. An establishment fee of $90 will apply to your account and will be added to the balance owing.

10.7. A monthly account keeping fee of $8 applies while account remains open.

10.8. Fees, terms, conditions, minimum amounts and exclusions apply and are available on application.

10.9. Payment plan provided by humm BNPL Pty Limited (ABN 28 129 228 986) a subsidiary of humm group limited.

10.10. Visit to learn more about humm.

11 – Payright

11.1 Available to approved applicants only.

11.2. Minimum fortnightly or monthly repayments apply.

11.3. A minimum 5% deposit is required.

11.4. Interest free for the entire payment plan up to 30 months.  

11.5. A borrowing limit of $10,000 applies for Payright.

11.6. An establishment fee of $59.90 will apply to your account and will be added to the balance owing.

11.7. A monthly account keeping fee of $3.50 applies. A $2.95 payment processing fee applies for each repayment processed.

11.8. Lending criteria, terms, conditions, fees and charges apply and are available on application.

11.9. Credit is provided by Payright Ltd (ABN 24 605 753 535).

11.10. Visit to learn more about Payright.

12 – Intellectual Property

12.1. Any and all Intellectual Property found in any Material on our website or any marketing in our stores is considered the property of our company. No one may adapt, display, distribute, perform, modify or reproduce any part of or any Material found on this website or in our stores.

13 – Indemnity

13.1. You agree to indemnify our company and to hold harmless from any claims, taxes, expenses, loss, liability and/or damage that may be incurred by our company in connection with your use of our website and the use of any of our company’s products outside of the specifications provided by the manufacturers, which are included in product manuals.

14 – Liability

14.1. To the extent that is permitted by the law, we will not be held liable for any loss of contracts, loss of profits, loss of data, loss of income, or any other consequential or indirect damage or loss of any type arising from the purchase of our products and services and the use of our products.

14.2. To remove any doubt, nothing found in this clause restricts or limits your ability to make a claim available to you for our company’s failure to comply with any of the guarantees found in the Australian Consumer Law.

15 – Privacy

15.1. Personal information about our customers is gathered and shared by our company for the following purposes:

15.1.1. Carrying out any repair work, whether in or out of warranty repairs.

15.1.2. Delivering or supplying products to customers.

15.2. Our company is committed to keeping your privacy and personal information protected due to our ethical and legal commitment to comply with any relevant laws, and more importantly, because our company understands that you care how your information may be shared and used.

15.3. Our company will not sell any personally identifiable information about our customers.

15.4. As we deal with our customers, we may collect and keep information, including names, contact details, order details and notes on our communication with customers. This information is used for customer service, warranty and delivery purposes and for the purpose of company improvement. This information may be held in hard copy and data storage systems but will only be accessed by contractors or employees that are required to access this information in order to perform their functions.

15.5. Customers who provide a review of our products through our website or to one of our staff members over the phone, agree to that review or part of that review to be published on our website and used on our social media platforms for marketing purposes.

15.6. From time to time, we may contact customers for the purposes of marketing new products, accessories or services.

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