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honest pricing

No inflated markups. Just honest prices that are kept as low as possible, far below the recommended retail price. We call it mates rates. And we always look after our mates.

Honest Pricing
Inclusive Warranty

inclusive warranty

Our warranty covers everyone and everything. Simple. We don’t exclude regional locations. We don’t exclude servicing costs. We cover parts, leather and servicing costs on all of our massage chairs for 3 years, Australia-wide. No fine print.

easy delivery

If our own inTouch delivery team can get to you, we will deliver and install for you absolutely free. If not, we will only charge you what our delivery and installation partners charge us. Massage chairs don’t come in a small parcel. But we aim to ensure your delivery doesn’t give you a small headache!

Easy Delivery
Our Guarantee

our guarantee

We provide multiple store locations in major metro areas so as many Australians as possible can feel the inTouch difference for themselves. For everyone else, we know that feeling can’t be measured or compared without trying. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee on your massage chair or massager. We know you’ll love it but we’ve got your back anyway.

our promise

If you purchase a massage chair from us, you can rest assured you will always get a shiny new chair, fully packaged directly from our warehouse that has only ever been yours.

Our Promise
Top Notch Quality

top notch quality

You wouldn’t believe the care and attention that goes into designing, developing and producing our massage chairs. Each one is treated with the love it deserves! Our massage chairs are inTouch massage chairs. Quality assured. Customised for the Australian market. Designed by us.

incredible feeling

There is not much in this world that is good for your health and enjoyable at the same time! Owning an inTouch massage chair is an exception to that rule. Our chairs feel incredible to use. You will want to come home and use it! All the while knowing it is improving both your physical and mental wellbeing. What more could you want?

Latest Technology

latest technology, no jargon

Zero gravity, Bluetooth, body detection, number of airbags, SL-Track, track length, 3D, 4D, 5D. Confused? We’re not surprised. When you start to research massage chairs, this is often what happens. In fact, 4D and 5D don’t even exist! Our approach? All you need to know is your inTouch massage chair has all the latest technology. It’s not going to hurt you. It’s not going to feel rough. It’s going to feel amazing and make you feel amazing. Isn’t that all that matters?


Buying a massage chair is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. However, not everyone likes to pay upfront. We know this. That’s why we offer “relax now, pay later” options. Low deposit. No interest. Simply enjoy your new massage chair while paying it off. Easy.



When you visit an inTouch store or call us, you will be greeted by a massage chair expert. From our Customer Care team to our Sales and Logistics teams, we live and breathe massage chairs. It’s our specialty. We can help you find the best chair for your needs and answer any questions. We’re here for you. 

established network

We’ve been here for a while now and we were born and raised on the sunny Gold Coast. No laid-back attitude here though. Just hard work and determination. We offer multiple store locations, multiple warehouse locations, a network of reliable logistics partners and a knowledgeable team to keep everything running smoothly.

Established Network
We Care

we care

We honestly do, we’re not just saying that. We get a buzz from making people happy. We sleep at night knowing that we are changing lives. You’re not just a number to us, you’re an inTouch customer. And that’s special.

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