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Handheld Muscle Massager



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The Handheld Muscle Massager from inTouch offers an effective percussion massage, just like a massage gun. Designed to release tension deep into your muscles as well as improving blood flow, healing and repair. Use it all over your body, interchanging the massage heads to suit your needs.

key features

Rechargeable and cordless

Deep-tissue massage

Comfort handle

5 interchangeable massage heads

Full body massage

Ergonomic design

Percussion massage

Adjustable speed

Mains charger

Deep-Tissue, Full Body Massage

Designed to release tension deep into the muscles and suitable for use throughout your body. Experience improved range of motion and reduced pressure and tension in your hard-working muscles.

Ergonomic Design

The massager is light enough to sit comfortably in your hand, while the handle is long enough to allow you to easily access various parts of your body – your neck, through your shoulders and back then down to your arms and legs.

Muscle Massager Massage Heads

5 Massage Heads

Supplied with 5 interchangeable massage heads, all designed for different parts of the body and different uses for targeted relief. Simply change the massage head to suit your needs with full details provided to help you choose.


Percussion massage is used in massage guns and is a rapid tapping or hammer-like massage that sends pulses into your muscles, accelerating the growth and repair of soft tissue, releasing tension and increasing blood flow.

Percussion massage


No cords to get in the way, simply charge and use. Perfect for use at home or take it with you when travelling, even use at work for release of tension when you need it.


Find what works for you with two speeds to choose from. Use the control panel to easily change the speed of your massage for different parts of the body or more effective release, depending on your needs.   

Adjustable Speed


Releases tension, increases blood flow, accelerates muscle repair and aids healing.

Handheld Muscle Massager

Simply charge your Handheld Muscle Massager using the charger provided with mains power. Keep it charged and ready to use when you need it.

Can be used anywhere you feel tension in the soft tissue of your muscles but particularly suitable for your shoulders, back, arms and legs with different massage heads to suit different parts of your body.

This massager is designed to effectively release tension in your muscles, however it’s important you don’t overdo it! A 15 minute timer is built in and the massager will then stop to give your muscles some rest.

With its ergonomic and intelligent design and its ability to effectively release muscle tension, using this massager will become one of your favourite times of the day! It also makes the perfect gift.  

speed muscle
increase blood
reduce muscle
Improve health and wellbeing


Feeling is everything to us and we ensure our products feel better than any other massage products on the market. Proudly Australian owned and operated, our expertise together with the most advanced technology has enabled us to create an unparalleled range of massage therapy products. With a comprehensive 1 year warranty and exemplary aftersales support, we have helped thousands of Australians to improve their health and wellbeing.



Height 8cm
Width 38cm
Depth 15cm


Height 10cm
Width 43cm
Depth 18cm
Weight 1.2kg

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Handheld Muscle Massager