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Do Massage Chairs Really Work?

Massage chairs are fast becoming more and more common in Australian homes as our increased need for “on demand” solutions is coupled with increased stress. But do they really work?

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Massage Boosts the Immune System

Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy and has been shown to reduce aches, pains and tension as well as improve sleep, flexibility, energy levels and circulation, but did you know the benefits it can have on your immunity?

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Blog - Massage for Seniors

The Benefits of Massage for Seniors

Aging can mean increased health challenges, aches and pains, and chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and diabetes. Regular massage can help seniors to improve their health, enhance quality of life and keep feeling younger for longer.

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Blog - Alleviating Headaches

Alleviating Headaches with Massage Therapy

Tension headaches account for almost 90% of all headaches. Often caused by stress, they are brought on by tight muscles in your head, neck and upper back. Targeted massage can help to alleviate the many factors that can contribute to headaches.

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Blog - Latest Technology

The Latest Technology in Massage Chairs

Massage chair technology is constantly evolving as they become increasingly popular in Australian homes. The massage chairs of today can provide a massage as skilful and technical as the hands of an expert therapist. It’s no wonder that so many people are taking the leap to have them in their own homes now.

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Blog - Unwind

How a Massage Chair can Help you Unwind

Our lives can be incredibly stressful. It’s important to be taking care of yourself, especially for your mental health. If you don’t give yourself adequate time to relax and replenish, you could easily burn out.

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Blog - Benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Massage

Massage is a wonderful way of healing and is a natural instinct in all of us. When we hurt ourselves or feel pain, we massage or rub the area affected. Massage therapy dates back thousands of years and, not only does it feel good, it also offers a number of health benefits.

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