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The Most Effective Zero Gravity Massage Chair in Melbourne

The benefits of a Zero Gravity chair in Melbourne are unbelievable until you try them – and thanks to inTouch, you can enjoy NASA-developed research alongside our own technological innovation in a massage chair.

The inTouch Massage Chair team have years of experience and expertise to hand, creating the best range of chairs that combine the most beautiful stylish designs with the latest in Australian technology, alongside world-beating customer service, both before you buy and in after sales. We offer a selection of massage products and luxurious full body massage chairs, all benefitting from the custom technology and superior quality that we have become known for since our inception in 2012. Our passionate, professional team are ready to help you decide on the best product that will enhance and enrich your life.

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A Range of Zero Gravity Massage Chair Options Available in Melbourne

Most of our electric massage recliner chairs are designed with the NASA research in mind – the research that found the perfect position to reduce the force and pressure of launch into space on the bodies of astronauts. We have made the most of this position by integrating it into a Zero Gravity massage chair in Melbourne.

The Evolve massage chair combines Zero Gravity innovation with the latest in technology, luxurious comfort, and superior quality. With eight automatic programs, a range of massage techniques, heating and even a Bluetooth music connection, this is the sleek, compact chair that offers you the perfect way to relax. This Zero Gravity reflexology chair in Melbourne is a design and technology winner.

Our top-of-the-range Zero Gravity Massage Chair for sale in Melbourne and beyond is the Smart Glide Pro. Available in black, bronze or cream, this 3D massage chair is Australian engineered to outperform through retracting rollers, air compression, music massage synchronisation, and body detection. From head to toe, this is no ordinary massage chair and the therapeutic deep tissue massage from the 3D rollers can have a genuine, remedial effect.

The reclining position of Zero Gravity that was originally designed for astronauts is the ultimate ‘neutral body position’ – and that can help for those of us who spend much of our days sitting, compressing the spine into an unnatural ‘C’ shape. Reclining with the feet above the head level allows the spine to return to a more natural ‘S’ curve by releasing the pressure.

Of course, there are other benefits to circulation, making it easier for the heart to beat, with improved oxygen flow thanks to lung expansion.

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