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Are Massage Chairs Good for You?

Massage chairs in Australia are becoming a staple in many homes – and for good reason. From boosted mental health to improved physical wellness, the benefits are seemingly endless. Used by professional athletes, medical professionals and anyone in need of luxurious comfort, this indulgent, futuristic technology is now available for everyone to enjoy at home.

Because there are so many positives, it’s impossible to list them all – so we’re covering the massage chair’s best benefits and what this high-tech modern essential can do for you and your health.


Improved Mood

The stresses of the modern world all get too much too often, leading to tension, anxiety and a host of other mood-lowering effects. But this is where a massage chair can help – and our patented designs with advanced technology mimic the hands of a professional massage therapist to deliver unparalleled relief and relaxation. Through an expert, meticulously designed combination of massage techniques, our premier massage chairs work deep into the muscles and pressure points to relieve tension, which isn’t just good for the muscles and skeleton, but also, the mind. A soothing massage releases happy hormones like endorphins, resulting in an instant mood lift, which in the long run decreases stress and increases immunity.


Greater Flexibility

Our founder and head engineer didn’t merely design our top-tier range of Australian massage chairs on a whim. In addition to applying his own professional sports knowledge, he consulted expert medical professionals who helped him to perfect each and every design. Thanks to this, our massage chairs have been programmed to offer increased range of motion through muscle relaxation, which improves flexibility with regular use.


Improved Sleep

You might notice that you sleep like a baby when using a leather massage chair regularly. This is down to a harmonious blend of a boosted mood and physical and mental relaxation. In all likelihood, you’ll find that you sleep more easily and deeper than ever before and achieve quality sleep for longer – especially if you’re a restless sleeper and tend to toss and turn frequently. And, after such a refreshing sleep, you’ll be starting your day feeling relaxed, happy, and in a better mood throughout the rest of the day, every day.


Posture Maintenance

Massage chairs relax the muscles, which leads to the body becoming more flexible and pliable. Consequently, posture is improved because the body and muscles are more relaxed than ever before, preventing stiffness and pain that can hinder good posture. Furthermore, a massage chair can positively affect spinal alignment by reducing pressure and providing support for the back.


Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Soreness

It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or not; all bodies release lactic acid when undertaking exercise, which builds up in the muscles and causes soreness and fatigue. A massage chair increases blood flow to the muscles, which, when combined with compression, allows lactic acid to be removed and taken away faster than normal. The result? Pain relief for sore muscles, reduced tension, quicker recovery and a whole lot of feel-good in the process.

A zero gravity massage chair is the ultimate new-age relaxation and comfort device to have in any modern home. From better posture, sleep, mood and flexibility to serene relaxation and pain relief, the unparalleled benefits make a electric massage recliner chair a vital piece of wellness equipment that offers a wealth of health advantages. Now, anyone and everyone can indulge in a massage treatment whenever they want – and right in the comfort of their home.

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