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Commercial Grading – What is it?


You’ve probably heard that our chairs are commercially graded, but what does that really mean? Is that a real thing, or just some marketing term created to make things sound fancier than they are? 

Let us break it down for you.  At inTouch when we talk about our massage chairs being commercially graded it means that they’ve been designed and put through rigorous testing to ensure that they’re suitable for commercial use.  Many of our happy customers use their inTouch massage chairs in commercial settings such as health spas, retreats, hotels and clinic spaces, so they need chairs that are up to the task of being used many times throughout the course of the day.  This means they’re also perfect for when all your family and friends hear you have an inTouch massage chair and suddenly decide to visit the chair, ahem, you.

Each inTouch massage chair has a solid steel frame that not only provides structural integrity, but also protects the electrical and mechanical elements inside so they will continue to run seamlessly, no matter who is in the chair. 

Unlike other brands, we REALLY back the quality of our chairs.  This means you get the same great 5 year, fully comprehensive warranty regardless of whether your chair is being used at home or at work! 

Having a commercially graded massage chair will give you peace of mind and is just one more reason to love your inTouch massage chair.

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