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Portable Foot, Leg, Neck & Back Massagers

Therapeutic massage is entirely different from a typical spa experience. That’s because it focuses on the essential needs of your body and not just simply pampering you. inTouch therapeutic massage products are designed to give you a rejuvenating massage at home. Our range includes neck massagers, back massagers & portable chairs for home use. Buy one today to see what therapeutic massage feels like in action.

Portable massagers to rejuvenate your body & mind

The health benefits of using a quality massager are endless. Massaging your muscles can improve circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce muscle tension which in turn helps relieve stress, promote deep sleep and boost energy levels. But don’t take our word for it: try one out today and get started on the path to relaxation. It can be hard finding a massager that is just right for you but inTouch has something for every relaxation need:

  • Back & Neck Seat Massager: Don’t let that tension build up in your back and neck. Massage away the soreness with this technologically advanced seat massager. It has layers of cushioning for comfort and can be moved easily. It also features targeted massage so you can find just the right spot for relief.
  • Reflexology Foot Massager: Refresh your senses with the Reflexology Foot Massager. Designed to help alleviate stress and tension in your feet by stimulating acupressure points on the soles of both feet, providing a natural therapy that can be enjoyed at home or work. Various massage modes and 3 levels of intensity.
  • Shiatsu Neck & Body Massager: The Shiatsu Neck & Body Massager relieves aching muscles, tension headaches, stiff necks and more. Applies deep pressure to the back, shoulders, arms and more for a soothing full-body experience. You can use it at home or on vacation while sitting in your hotel room!
  • Head Massager: Stimulate your hair follicles and massage your scalp with the kneading and vibration of the 4 massage heads. The Head Massager is waterproof and can be enjoyed in the shower or while resting after a long day.

It’s easy to try and buy your massager

Simply visit one of our many store locations across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and experience our massagers for yourself.  We deliver Australia-wide from our three distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast (servicing Brisbane also). So, whether you are in Adelaide, Perth or Canberra, you can also feel the benefits of owning your own inTouch back, neck or foot massager. Buy online, call us on 1300 559 612 or visit one of our stores to start your journey to wellness.

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