inTouch Massage Chairs

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Amazing service

 I don’t have enough words to describe how happy I am with the entire team of intouch massage chair. From sales to installation, customer service and most important after sales, Julie. Julie remembered my purchase, the delivery, the hardship due to lockdown. All I did was call and ask a question, Julie took care of everything. I definitely recommend this business to everyone who is considering a massage chair.


16-11-2021 – posted on Google

Never fails

It’s been just over one year now, this chair never fails to please and relax the body with its options to focus on whichever area of the body requires.
Thank you inTouch for what has been a smooth and easy purchase and fault free 12 months so far.

Dave Denaro


Tia at Sanctuary cove showroom was excellent Very knowledgeable, informative and patient a very happy customer .

Geetha Geddam

27-06-2021 – Posted on Google

Good service and great product

Good service and great product, speedy delivery and Jamie was super nice and professional, he set up with no issues and did a fantastic job – couldnt ask for more!

Phillip Baxter

26-06-2021 – Posted on Google

top notch

April is amazing. Great advice with outstanding customer service and the massage chair is top notch. Thanks again.

Mark DownUnder

26-06-2021 – Posted on Google

So helpful

Thanks so much April you are amazing. So helpful and made everything so clear. The whole process to but the chair through our company was so simple. Only took 15 minutes and the specials were fantastic. After purchase service and customer care has also been fantastic. Thanks everyone, especially April.

Rod Anketell

22-06-2021 – Posted on Google

Great buying experience

Thanks to Linda at Parramatta inTouch , very helpful and informative salesperson. Looking forward to delivery of our massage chair.

Linda & Allan

22-06-2021 – Posted on Google

how effective these chairs can really be targeting our problem areas

During shopping my partner was exhausted and wanted to cancel plans that night with friends and my back was in so much pain I couldn’t wait to leave the mall… My partner initially just wanted a cheeky free massage and I for my back but after that half hour we both just felt surprisingly a lot better and wanted to go out again, so what started as a cheeky free massage turned out to convince us to buy it. Thank you April, you’re very informative and your attentive efforts are probably what convinced us to buy the chair as you’ve gone above and beyond to show us just how effective these chairs can really be targeting our problem areas. Kind regards, Steph 🙂

Stephanie Small

21-06-2021 – Posted to Google

Christine is awesome. Very knowledgeable. Recommend people seek her out for advice on the best chair.

QPain Admin

21-06-2021 – Posted to Google

Tia has been really amazing to deal with. She worked with us and gave us all options available. She also took the extra step to follow up as we were moving – to ensure everything was on track. Thank you Tia

Arti Nazareth

20-06-2021 – Posted to Google

Lovely massage chairs

Lovely massage chairs that they allow you to try out for free to see if you like them. The person on named Edmond was super easy to get along with and friendly, explained how the chair works and so on.


18-06-2021 Posted on Google

King in a throne

I was looked after like a king in a throne.

Rocky Francis

18-06-2021 Posted on Google

couldn’t believe what I felt with my body, very relax, not stiff and no pain anymore

Thank you In Touch for your excellent services in all lines from Sales, Customer Service and Delivery+Installation. It was Superb. My special thanks to Michelle, sales person from Doncaster for her professionalism and care. Michelle listened to my issues with her heart, very attentive and spot on. She set a program to address my pain and miraculously it hit the right spot on my back. I didn’t realized until the next day that my pain has gone after all these years. I was relieved and amazed, couldn’t believe what I felt with my body, very relax, not stiff and no pain anymore. Couldn’t thank you enough to Michelle who set the precise program and In Touch for the amazing chair. That day I decided to buy the chair and never regret my decision. Very happy customer and would definitely highly recommend In Touch Massage Chair.

Sonya Fraskati

18-06-2021 Posted on Google

Just what I needed to relax at the end of a hectic day

Bought 5 chairs from Shane .Found him to be a very helpful and knows his product. Pleasure to do business. Chair, works very well , and performs well. Just what I needed to relax at the end of a hectic day

Guido Conte

18-06-2021 Posted on Google

I just had a lovely demo massage conducted by Christine, it was great to talk to her she made me feel very comfortable. Love the massage

Beth Dunmore

18-06-2021 Posted on Google

 Hands down best service

Go see Alan! Great bloke who answered all my questions! Hands down best service.

Sean fowlie

17-06-2021 Posted on Google

 We are so looking forward to years of relaxation

April has always been very helpful and passionate, buying from her was an easy decision. Can’t wait for your new chair. We are so looking forward to years of relaxation. Keep up the great work!!!

Paul “Diddy” Vickery

17-06-2021 Posted on Google

Hi Christine, your chair is awesome.


17-06-2021 Posted on Google

I really appreciate you

Margaret is the best . She has a gift of touching the lives of people . She shares her amazing experience to spread health and wellness . Thank you . I really appreciate you. Nathan and Sammy are both excellent in delivering customer service . I am happy with my In touch chair.

Laarni Dizon

16-06-2021 Posted on Google

Best thing I’ve ever done!

I bought a massage chair and I love it. Henry was so friendly and helpful. The team installed the chair and quickly and professionally. And I love that I can have as many massages as I like. Best thing I’ve ever done!

Pauline Longdon

15-06-2021 Posted on Google

Christine was very informative about the inTouch Massage chairs. We left very happy with our purchase of the right chair for our needs. Delivery was organised very quickly.

Joseph Wardlaw

15-06-2021 Posted on Google

We left very happy with our purchase 

Christine was very informative about the inTouch Massage chairs. We left very happy with our purchase of the right chair for our needs. Delivery was organised very quickly.

Roslyn Hatchman

14-06-2021 Posted on Google

Hannah at the Sanctuary Cove store has been over the top accomodating and lovely to my husband and I. She has made my experience with InTouch wonderful and I would highly recommend to visit her if you’re thinking of trying/buying the massage chairs!

Tamie Mars

13-06-2021 Posted on Google

I would recommend inTouch to anyone

I received my chair yesterday. It is perfect I would recommend inTouch to anyone that will listen I would like to thank Margaret from inTouch she was wonderfull very helpful made the shopping for the chair very easy and she has wonderful customer service And also Nathan the delivery guy was very helpful in showing me the ins and out of the chair THANK YOU

leigh hewlett

13-06-2021 Posted on Google

 I would never ever sit still but the chair once he had it set it helped dramatically with my muscle spasms my lack of sleep with the rocking motion and instantly calmed me

Where to start but to begin with the amazing service provided firstly by Edmond. I have a number of neurological disorders and am supported by NDIS and I had not left my home for almost 4 months when I accidentally ended up at the store by chance I was in a panic and lost and saw the chairs looked up and there was Edmond big smile not to mention the rest of him and he made me feel at ease and comfortable to ask questions relating to the equipment not only did he listen but he truly heard me and assisted me in ways to benefit me not just the idea of selling a product. He allowed me to try the chairs and took the time to really explain it to me and I would never ever sit still but the chair once he had it set it helped dramatically with my muscle spasms my lack of sleep with the rocking motion and instantly calmed me, not only does he engage you with his amazing smile but it’s real he is a really nice and helpful guy and I can’t thank him enough for what he has been able to assist me with moving forward. As I am supported by NDIS he was able to guide me with the assistance of another representative who deserves a massive mention also and that is Lexa he ensured I was in touch with the right person to help me get this product and I could not be more excited to have finally left my home and to be drawn to such a top guy yes he is charming and it’s not fake he truly is there to assist your needs I urge anyone who has any issues to go and see him or speak to Lexa. Edmond thanks again you changed my World; and I mean that and Lexa you’re guidence through this process has been incredible absolutely incredible. I hope your company is aware of what gold they have in you two please keep it up guys for disabled people you are blessing so thank you see you soon

Luke Mills

13-06-2021 Posted on Google

I have no hesitation to recommend them and InTouch to all my friends.

Margaret and Nathan who are from InTouch are really great in terms of customer service. Margaret professionally and nicely introduced all the features of this massage chair to me and Nathan installed the massage chair for me professionally. He patiently listened to my many questions and nicely explained to me very well. Both of them are five star performers and I am very happy with their service. I have no hesitation to recommend them and InTouch to all my friends. Thanks Margaret and Nathan! Well done!!

Jack Bi

12-06-2021 Posted on Google

Everyone should buy one of these chairs, great for aches and pains

Everyone should buy one of these chairs, great for aches and pains from your feet to your shoulders, best thing we have ever bought, only thing is you have to fight the hubby for time on it, “ maybe a second one is in the wish list” a big thank you to Henry at chermside plaza for all of his help,

Julie Gartner

12-06-2021 Posted on Google

process was so smooth and helpful

The chairs are amazing, and the sales process was so smooth and helpful!! Would definitely recommend.

Antiga Jones

12-06-2021 Posted on Google

Excellent product / great customer service thank you Linda / in Touch Massage Chairs

Mirta Eirin

11-06-2021 Posted on Google

 It’s a life changer!

I’ve been using my chair almost daily for around 5 years. Still going strong. Best purchase I’ve ever made. It’s a life changer!

Brad W

11-06-2021 Posted on Google

We loved it so much we bought a massage chair too!

Both my partner and I were extremely happy to have won the prize! We loved the product so much that we bought the chair as well and have been sharing it with our friends and family. Sometimes they come over just to get the free massage! Now every time we come home from work, we have a massage chair waiting for us to relieve any stress for the day.



the bees knees

Omgosh this chair is crazy good but the neck massage is just to die for

Heather Saf

09-06-2021 – Posted on Google

If you are tired or have any aches or pains, this is your life saver!!! I cannot even describe how much I think everyone needs an inTouch chair

Veronica S

09-06-2021 – Posted on Google

the bees knees

The entire customer care team I can not rave about highly enough. Not only is the chair the bees knees of massage, but the service was incredible!

Glen Smith

09-06-2021 – Posted on Google

Phenomenal chairs and service. Highly recommend

Briana Evan

09-06-2021 – Posted on Google

 helped me find the perfect chair

I recently purchased a new chair and was really pleased with the level of customer service shown by the employees I spoke with. Hannah from sales and Tia from customer care helped me find the perfect chair. They were well spoken and exceptionally kind in answering all my questions without delay. I could not have had a better experience.

Benjamin Wollschlager

09-06-2021 – Posted on Google

I absolutely love visiting the Sanctuary Cove shop just to talk to the girls who sold me my Smart Glide Massage Chair! They are absolute dolls, such a very impressive team for two young beautiful girls. They really made me feel secure with my purchase and I’ve never been happier.

Liana Nemsis

08-06-2021 – Posted on Google

I have tried many chairs on the market but these chairs leave them in the dust. The Smart Glide is by far their best chair but I do understand why the Evolve would also be popular. The husband wanted the Smart Glide so we got one and we have never looked back!

Jessica Evans

08-06-2021 – Posted on Google

Just wow.

These chairs are next level! Just wow. The team are one of the best I have ever dealt with as well. 5 stars!

Charles Parsons

08-06-2021 – Posted on Google

I would buy another one

Customer service is fantastic and very caring people. As well as sales reps are very informed about the chairs. The chair I got tremendously helped on my back. I would buy another one if I could.


08-06-2021 – Posted on Google

 Excellent experience.

I visited the Sanctuary Cove shop today and met two lovely ladies there. I have to be honest, I was so impressed with their service. All shops and customer services should visit the place, take a good example and behave this way! Excellent experience.


07-06-2021 – Posted on Google

very pleasant experience

Dear inTouch team, Thank you for my chair! I am so very happy with it. The quality of the product and the personal and helpful staff have made this a very pleasant experience. Especially Hannah and the other girl, I think her name was Tina, they were both lovely young ladies. Thanks again!


06-06-2021 – Posted on Google

You won’t regret one!

Wow these chairs are just the best thing ever. 100000 times better than a massage in a parlour because it does everything at once, and you are completely in control of it. The sales team and the customer care team are the friendliest people ever. You won’t regret one!


06-06-2021 – Posted on Google

inTouch is the most incredible company I have ever dealt with. My brother and I bought one and everyone wants to come over now to try them now haha. Highly recommend these chairs!

Jacob Kotan

06-06-2021 – Posted on Google

Thank you Margaret and the inTouch team, my family and I are loving our inTouch Smart Glide Pro. It’s the best chair from the best company who have looked after us so well. Special thanks to Margaret for taking care of me even on her off day and check everything with me step by step

Max Ghafari

05-06-2021 – Posted on Google

Just relocated my Smart Glide into my new home at Runaway Bay. InTouch sent Max, their technician, to reinstall it and perform a maintenance check. No maintenance needed. It was purchased in January 2018 and used regularly. Five stars for this massage chair, the staff at Sanctuary Cove Sales Office and their after sales service.

Stephen Renouf

03-06-2021 – Posted on Google

best thing since sliced bread

Chris from Port Macquarie There is only one thing wrong with this chair ( it can’t wash up ) The best thing since sliced bread should have one years ago,everything it is made out to be.I still haven’t explored all of it functions as yet but I will get to it. I sleep a lot better now after a go in my chair

Vicki Moss

02-06-2021 – Posted on Google

Big recommend

Ron Lashgari

31-05-2021 – Posted on Google

I had lots of minor back pains, sore neck, sore foot etc. all gone now

we have bought a Intouch massage chair recently. we are loving it. I had lots of minor back pains, sore neck, sore foot etc. all gone now after few days of using my massage Chair. it is great!

Lina Febria

27-05-2021 – Posted on Google

I was very fortunate to be the winner of the InSpire massage chair.

I’ve had it for a few months now and I can honestly say, I have never felt better. I have suffered with anxiety for the longest time and whenever I feel a tense moment coming up, I get into the chair, hit the “relax” setting and it makes me feel so much more calm. It’s also benefitted my Mum who works as a cleaner doing very physical work – she comes home and can use the “knead” and/or “energise” setting to bring balance back to her body.

I’m very grateful for the InTouch team choosing me to win one of these chairs. It’s definitely made a massive impact on my daily life and I couldn’t now imagine life without it. If you struggle with an overactive mind like myself, you will LOVE this chair. I mean that, 100%.

Alecia Owens


Great chair.

Great chair. Have had it for nearly a month and use it every day. It’s fantastic . It is plenty strong enough. Head massage is great

Graham Stewart



Best Investments made!!! Excellent product that provides not only an excellent way to relax in but also promotes health and wellness. Since the Smart Glide Pro was delivered to us, we use it on a daily basis mostly before we start work and before retiring to bed and what a great feeling after each session. And the services from start to finish was second to none. Thanks to Queenie who showed and explained each functionality and provided some helpful tips on how to maximise use of the massage chair specifically the functionality where you can focus on the exact parts of your body that requires specific attention. Keep up the great work!!!!

FR – Greensborough


It has been truly life changing!

I was lucky enough to win the recent competition and have an inLove massage chair delivered! I unfortunately suffer from debilitating headaches and migraines which is largely due to muscle aches and tightness I experience. Since winning the chair, I feel very lucky as I’ve been able to have a daily full body massage (sometimes two!). The chair is amazing- it has helped my muscle aches & pains tremendously and has gone a long way in helping me cope with my headaches and migraines. Thank you again!!



A Surprise – a good one…

This was an impulse buy and what a great one it was… My husband and I use it every day..There is nothing better than to sit in it and relax after a busy day and my husband especially loves the foot massage.. He is in his 50’s and has always worn work boots… His feet ache badly now after a day of walking so this chair has been a godsend..I love the look of it too – it is quite an elegant looking chair, very sturdy and well made.. The ergonomic design makes it so comfortable to just sit it and read or watch TV..I love how easy it is to move around too as we are currently renovating.. We can’t fault it.. The company was lovely to deal with too, we are very happy all ’round..

Janet Munro


5 Stars is just not enough

I would like to thank the inTouch team for their care and professionalism in dealing with my service. The team listened to my concerns, were honest in identifying the problems and rectified the situation in a most speedy fashion whilst staying in touch with me through every step of the service process. I have never seen an Australian company tick all the boxes like this before. I can thoroughly recommend the team at inTouch for both their Sales and Service support. Well done.

Neil Sweeny


Great Chair – best on the market

The very best chair on the market. I have owned a couple previous to this one. No comparison. This is like having your very own masseur in a chair. I am in love with this chair. If you have pain from injury or illness this is the chair for you.

Amanda Gold Coast


incredible chairs so I got one. best thing I ever bought.

Michele Healy

06-01-2021 Posted on Google


Excellent service and good quality chair. Works perfectly!



Great product great delivery

Only first day with thus ultra feel plus very comfortable and does great job the 2 delivery men were fantastic



I recommend the chair 3 in my family have one

We use it every day it is amazing.

Dawn Thomas


Hanna was brilliant

Rang to arrange a massage chair and delivery b4 Xmas and I must say hanna was absolutely brilliant in everyway so polite and helpful well done for having such a nice employee cheers Colin cook




Wow! This thing is amazing!! I get cold feet literally every night so the different massage and heat features as well as the calf air massagers warm me up and relax me every night just before bed. I can’t praise this product enough and recommended it to family members who also purchased.

Jessica from QLD


Great product and product support

We have been very happy with our purchase. I was nervous about ordering online but the customer support has been amazing, the chair arrived quickly, the technician helped us to put it together and now we happily use the massage chair every day.



Great product and product support

We bought the Smart Glide Pro and it has been absolutely brilliant. We all enjoy using it each day and feel like we have had a professional massage. We enjoy the night time program the most. The chair is so relaxing the quite often we fall asleep while using it. We are so glad that we bought our chair and had it during most of the recent lock down.

Brett Spedding

18-12-2020 – Posted on Google

Fantastic service, professional advise and good chair.

Feng Gao

18-12-2020 – Posted on Google

Great Product.

Great product. My family and I love this chair.



Keep up the good work and friendly customer service

I bought my massage chair about 12 months ago and I have used it every day it’s been the best investment I have ever bought. Thanks in touch. Fred

Fred Debono


Best decision i could have made

I use my chair twice a day. The massage it gives me is equal to any professional massage i have had. My family are visiting more just to have a massage. My neighbors enjoy a relaxing massage as well when we get together.




I held back buying one as wasn’t sure how useful they were. Got a personal recommendation by someone who owns one so jumped in and purchased. Was worth every cent



Massage Chair

Very comfortable massage chair

Kerry Kwok


Get one!

Absolutely love this chair. It’s the best thing we have ever bought. We use it every night and are sleeping better than ever. It has helped my husband recuperate quicker fom a stint in hospital. I haven’t felt the need to pay for a massage since we got the chair. I love the foot and calf massage the most.

Lyn from Adelaide



Best investment yet. I use it at least twice a day. Well worth it.

Douglas Stewart


My whole family love the chair

I used to get weekly massages then Covid hit. I bought the Inlove massage chair and I love it. I sit at a desk all day for work so it’s great to relax at the end of each day. My family also love the chair. I would highly recommend this chair.

Karen Fernandez 


Very helpful

The massage chair is very helpful, specially when i came from work just hop on the chair and relax

Emmaruth Suthers


My wife and I recently purchased a chair from Hope in the Robina store. As someone who has personally worked in sales for 10 years I was extremely impressed with her service, product knowledge and demeanour. We had actually gone out to do Christmas shopping for our family but she did such a great job we ended up buying ourselves a present instead! Thanks Hope! Looking forward to receiving our chair this Friday!

Jason von Kanel

15-12-2020 – Posted on Google

I’m so impressed with the product I have purchased and the most outstanding service from April and Shane in sales , Shannon and Max for delivery and assembly of my phenomenal chair So great to see a company and staff that offer and deliver outstanding service thanks again.

John Lee

01-12-2020 – Posted on Google

We’ve been using the Smart glide pro daily for 2 weeks now and it’s going great. Everyone in the family love it. Christine from Chermside was very helpful and knowledgeable, and is a credit to the team. The delivery team were also very prompt, friendly, and professional.

Mike Huff

01-11-2020 – Posted on Google

Wonderful staff representative (Dianne). Informative not pushy. Impressed with the product. It works. Prefer buying a product I can try first. Every home and business needs one of these.

Bobbie Jay

21-10-2020 – Posted on Google

Christine was very helpful in the selection of chair for my need, Awesome customer service and the delivery men are very considerate in setting up the chair. Very good team.

Darren Windsor

28-09-2020 – Posted on Google

The team at intouch are amazing to deal with and could not be happier with the chair. I would definately recommend both there service and the chairs.

Andrew Phillips

25-09-2020 – Posted on Google

This gave me the relief I needed!

I usually can’t handle a human touching or massaging my feet so this foot massager has given me the relief I need to help with my achy feet!! The calf compressors are also such a relaxing bonus! One very happy customer in front of the TV each night!

Josh D.


Do your self a favour you won’t know yourself!!

Good chair does the job I’m not a foot person and never wanted them massaged but I can guarantee anyone that’s in the same boat will change your life.being in construction and wearing steel cap boots and hard physical labour for the last twenty five years every tradie knows that feeling of a beating up body and feeling 25 years older than we really are,crossed ligermants-nerve and muscle damage-neck/back/shoulder pain and feet that sore a walk becomes a hobble. After using the chair I’m will take 15 years of pain away in a week and change the rest of ya life in 2 weeks. These chairs are a must have,every household should have one. For a price at 20 odd bucks a week interest free you don’t even notice the payment come out of the bank. This chair is perfect for anyone that wants the full treatment and feel as if you’ve just walked out of a massage parlor at a reasonable price without going out of your price range however I would recommend for people that are a a bit more bigger/solid build/wider shoulders/muscular/taller/long legs to think about biting the bullet and getting the next model up for more comfort.This chair is good don’t get me wrong but I’m finding its just a tad small for length for legs and bit confined in width with the padding in the chair.i unzipped the cushion padding and switched it round top at bottom and bottom at top worked a treat,gives you a bit more width to sink into it a bit.

Kyran murray


I am so overwhelmed with the results

I have had terrible back pain 24/7 due to my scoliosis & day to day physical activity. At the end of the day I would just be in a ball on the couch, wishing for the pain to go away. Ever since I’ve been using my inTouch massage chair I can genuinely say my back pain has reduced by 50%!!! I was so sceptical at first that a massage chair could help this much, turns out, IT CAN! This massage chair is the best thing I could ever get for my back pain. I am so overwhelmed with the results. Everyone needs to have one of these in their home ASAP!

Erin Barnett, TV Personality 


Discovering inTouch has been life changing

I have always been obsessed with massages. It’s the thing I do to relax, recharge and re-energise. Not only does it give me the opportunity to enjoy more self-care time easily at home, but also means that no matter what happens in these crazy times, I can still enjoy some me time.

Melissa Tkautz, Actress & Singer


 it has been a life saver with my manual work

Id just like to say I purchased a Intouch chair about 3yrs ago and it has been a life saver with my manual work. I have not had any trouble with the chair at all since my purchase and it has worked really well. The massage chair has helped me soooo much to keep everything moving. So just wanted to pass on the info.. Great Purchase…

brad b4ad

25-07-2020 – Posted on Google

they can find trigger point especially around QL and they can do stretching , can find knots.

‘m a remedial massage therapist and I’m very picky for getting massage , I tried massage chair before like $2 for 5 mins and it was just wasted money but I was always curious about this in touch massage chair how good they are ( I didn’t expect any good ) ….amezing .they can find trigger point especially around QL and they can do stretching , can find knots. So I decided to buy , they do payment plan as well so it’s good . Can’t wait end of month

Ai Tajimi

02-07-2020 – Posted on Google

Just what I needed

I would like to pass on my compliments to Caren from the Sales department. She helped me select and order a chair for delivery to a remote town during the COVID lock-down. Her advice was spot on and she was very helpful when delivery became an issue. She got me a good deal and the chair has been amazing.

Will, NSW


This chair changed my life

I suffer from chronic pain, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and my pain levels were a 7 most days until I purchased an Ultra Feel massage chair last year. I can now say my pain is at level 3 most days. I spent 30 years searching for a solution and could not tolerate physical massage but I happened to walk by an inTouch store and decided to stop and try. I had no problem tolerating the chair massage and felt less pain when doing my shopping afterwards so I went back and purchased. I am so glad I did, I can honestly say this chair has changed my life. I recently bought an inTouch Heated Massage Pillow so I don’t have to miss out on my massages when I am travelling.



Amazing 5 Stars

The new Smart Glide Pro is an excellent massage chair. I follow the massage chair industry and this chair is every bit as good as chairs that are double the price. I have previously owned an Inada 3S Flex which is a famous Japanese made chair and while this was an excellent chair the Smart Glide Pro is superior. The service from ordering to install was absolutely 1st class. If you are considering buying this chair just do it for yourself it’s just an amazing self care device.



Great customer service, excellent after sales service, Reliable experienced technician , Great massage chair

Jennifer Li

07-05-2020 – Posted on Google

The experience from start to finish was top class!

I want to thank Julie and the team at In Touch for their very professional advice, follow up and delivery of my massage chair. In particular, I make special mention of, and would like to thank Nathan for his care, and good explanation of the massage chair’s functions and servicing requirements at the delivery. Nathan was patient and took a lot of time to make sure that we were ok with the chair and explanation of its functions. InTouch, I can only say that the experience from start to finish was top class! Note: I am very glad that I made the decision to buy from InTouch, which was a last moment contact, as my negotiations with another company were just not satisfactory. At the end of the day I found the best company with the best chair with extra features for less money. Can you ask any better than that. Well done, InTouch!



The best chair on the market

In one word fantastic bought the chair in 2016. Great company great people real customer service

Bart Evers


It’s a great chair.

Great service. April is so helpful, passionate, and knowledgeable about the chairs. My back feels so good after only a few weeks. My lower legs are not so swollen. Hubby is noticing his body is more flexible with less swelling in his feet. This chair makes us feel so good and the hand massage is so relaxing. We love all the settings.



Very happy with my final choice. I tried a few chairs, finally decided on the SmartGlide. I recommend it.

Very happy with my final choice. I do gardening in mornings for a couple of hours and followed by my massage chair. My husband also love it for his knees post knee surgery 2 years ago. I have a Korean massage bed too from 6 years ago, but the chair is more accessible in my lounge. The chair also does the feet, calf, arm and joints. I tried a few chairs, finally decided on the SmartGlide. I recommend it.



Amazing for my relationship

Years ago I lost my hands and arms in a land mine incident. It left me unable to give my wife massages and the lack of these massages was of serious detriment to our marriage. But now, with this chair, my wife can be satisfied where I am unable and our relationship has never been better!

Geri Petrovna


Denise was Amazing. She took time to go through each function and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much Denise!!! We can’t wait for the chair to arrive!

Faye Clark

29-01-2020 – Posted on Google

The best massage chair out there…

After a lengthy search and reading reviews i decided to order the Smart Glide. It was very easy to deal with Katie, no pressure to buy one. Chair arrived at the agreed time. I had to assemble it by myself but its not a hard thing to do. Give it a test run and ohh boy it is fantastic. Heaps of settings to customise it to your liking. I can only recommend to give it a go… Its excellent and much much better than the competition out there…



Im not using my walking stick anymore!

My calves were so tight, now they are completely relaxed. I am in my mid 80’s and I was getting a massage for one hour a week for over 2 years and was still having trouble with my legs. I have had my inLove Massage Chair for 4 weeks and I no longer have tight calves and I no longer use my walking stick. I am very happy! Thank you



He loves it, as do the rest of us! 🙂

We bought an iTouch Massage Chair for my husband’s birthday. He loves it, as do the rest of us! 🙂 Christine was extremely helpful in assisting us to pick which chair to buy; she was very knowledgeable on the features and benefits of all the chairs 🙂

Emmeline Dorsey

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A great massage chair for lovers of a full body massage

Recently purchased the “smart glide” massage chair from in-touch massage. “Queenie” was lovely to deal with, she answered all my questions and queries and the many health benefits associated. A great product/investment, i would refer “Queenie” to someone who would be interested such as her outstanding customer service.



we chose the right company to purchase a chair through.

Your sales lady, Susan, is a superstar. Very knowledgeable about the product, great communication and an absolute sweetheart. You can tell she really stands behind the company and believes in the product. We have been considering purchasing a chair for a number of months now and have been weighing up between a few companies, but at the end of the day, Susan’s amazing service made us feel confident we chose the right company to purchase a chair through. Thank you Susan, keep up the great work!


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Best investment ever made

My sister and I both bought a chair at the same time and we use each other’s chairs when we stay. Best investment ever made.



The best money spent

It has eased my aches and pains. I am walking better and have better posture because of the shoulder pads. I’ve had a second hip operation and it has really helped.



My new chair arrived yesterday. It was a special colour order. Delivered on time. The 10 week wait was worth it. Enjoying it immensely with the extended family dropping in to take it for a spin.

Derk VdBent

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No more pain

I’ve had the Smart Glide for 2 months now and everything that’s advertised about the chair is true. The sales rep’s are not lying when they explain that the chair can change your life. My lower back pain is not an issue to me anymore and my golf handicap is reducing every week because of this chair. Thanks April from Robina Shopping Center



Luv it

I luv coming home from work and relaxing and unwinding in my chair

Joanne woods


Love that our calves get massaged with an option to do feet aswell

The inLove Massage Chair has helped my sore back and really helped my husband who has more aches and pains, especially in his shoulder area. I love the Energise Program the most. We love it so much we recommended our friends to buy it too, which they did.



We love it.

Talk about service, we are over the moon with everything you have done for us. Your service and expertise are wonderful. We still tell people how lovely it was doing business with you. We will certainly let people know about your product, we love it.

Phil & Lyn


Purchase and recommendation of Smart Glide massage chair

I recently was treated to an excellent experience whilst purchasing my Smart Glide massage chair at inTouch massage chairs at Box hill Central. I was in the best hands with Queenie and Claire. Claire was informative, professional and went above and beyond to guarantee me the best shopping experience and best price. I’m a more than satisfied customer and will be for life !! I’m in love with my Smart Glide massage chair and couldn’t live without it. The health benefits are amazing and I use it at least 2 times a day. My work is very physical and I find this chair relieves my aches and pains. I would highly recommend this chair and company to anyone who is looking for a great quality value for money massage chair.

Victoria B


Perfect for the whole family 

I have bought the chair for about two months, it is very comfortable and all our family use it everyday, the function is perfect suitable for each part of the body, special thanks for the beautiful sales lady Olga who is in Hurstville Westfield, she offered us lots of sound advice in a very professional and easy understanding way. Top recommend.



The right choice

I’d been to other sites and found that most weren’t able to offer the full package for purchasing a massage chair UNTIL I came across then I made my way to the Hurstville store where I was immediately welcomed by Julia (now you haven’t had true down to earth customer service until you’ve met Julia) she was so friendly and helpful and answered all my questions that I needed to know and that’s when I decided to bring my 77 year old mum the following week and just the old fashioned care that Julia expressed with her knowledge of everything I needed to know helped me decide to purchase the Smart Glide Massage Chair and it’s been nearly 3 weeks since using the Smart Glide Massage Chair and we don’t regret purchasing it so with all this said I’d like to say a BIG Thankyou to Julia at the Hurstville store and if anyone is interested in purchasing an Intouchmassagechair then make your way over to Hurstville and see Julia you won’t regret it, once again thanks Julia from both mum and I

Bruno Presta


It’s a game changer and cheaper than Physio!

I have had cancer for 24 years and am still living life stronger then ever. I had so much fluid in my joints and could hardly close my hand to a fist. I also had trouble walking and would need to shuffle. I was at the shops one day and, after lasting only 10 minutes, I decided I needed to leave. I passed the massage chair store and loved the idea of having a massage. That afternoon my husband could see how much better I was walking and so we both went back the next day for another try. I realised I was spending way more with a Physio than buying a massage chair. If I had continued getting massages from the Physio (which I didn’t like), I believe I would have got worse and wouldn’t have been able to walk at all. Now with the chair I feel so much better. No more pain in my right shoulder that would go down my arm and back. No fluid at my knees & joints. It is a game changer for our future. It truly has helped me so much!



It is amazing Chair!

Susan Lee

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sensational buy

These chairs are amazing, sales lady explained eveything, gave my wife and I a great test drive in the Smart Glide. Great finance option with Certegy, sensational buy, wish I could of got 2 chairs, would save the evening fight who gets in first

Aaron Harper

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This is better than physiotherapy.

The massage chair is really amazing! I got right & left sciatica. The pain can ease away after using massage chair. Lately I could not walk up & down stairs due to my weaken thigh muscles. After using massage chair for a while it helps me very much & pain can be resolved. This is better than physiotherapy. The chair also has advanced stretching. I highly recommend this massage chair. It is fabulous! Margaret is a pleasant, helpful, super lady. She is kind, friendly & patient to explain me about the options of managing the massage chair & keep on follow-up my case. much appreciated! The front staff is also excellent! from Josephine

Joe Wongie

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Very happy with the purchase and Margaret is very helpful

Chun Yi Zang

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I am satisfied with performance of Intouch massage chair. I bought it from Margaret last year. She is friendly, patient & helpful, attends to questions , follows up repair requests and makes sure they are done. Good work, Margaret.

Henryw Ko

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The service from Margaret is great.

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highly recommended

I bought a chair from Margaret 5 months ago. I am extremely happy with the chair and Margaret has regularly kept in touch to make sure that everything is OK. Both the product and the service is highly recommended. 

Carsten Larsen

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Worth it’s weight in gold – Company service 5 stars

I love my chair and use it on a daily basis – sometimes I go through 2 different cycles. Customer services has been one of the highest levels that I have received in years and have no problem recommending the chair and company to anyone.

Louise Ross


I was paying $80 for a massage, this is SOO much cheaper! I feel so much better and it’s only been 4 weeks!

I LOVE the Stretch Program! I was paying $80 for a massage, but couldn’t go every week… I had sore spots on my body and my right side was giving me pain. I even started having trouble with my legs a couple of months ago. I haven’t even had my massage chair for 4 weeks but it has already helped my flexibility and my right side doesn’t hurt anymore. My legs are getting so much better too! I can now have a massage EVERY day, just what my body needed. I even had a massage before and after hanging out the washing today. I have found this chair to be better then having that massage for $80 because the pain and issues would come back days later. I didn’t even get good results when going to a Physio but I have since using my massage chair. Even my husband who never got massages uses it often and feels so much better!



I have had the chair for about 3 weeks now & I use it every chance I get – I love all the programs

I have had the chair for about 3 weeks now & I use it twice a day – I love all the programs and the only downside I have found is that the cushions get very mangled and it looks a mess which is a shame when the rest of it looks such good quality

Jacquie Hewitt



Truly a beautiful chair, my mum got me this chair for games and i love it! 5 stars from me. I am truly a fortnite pro now that i use this chair

Big Chief



This is a state of the art portable massager you can use any where on the body. I love the speed dial you can put speed up or down and the heat dial is fantastic. Is brilliant, the massage balls are in perfect position to massage any area and a fantastic feature the rotation can be changed rolling in or outwards. I love it. I use it all the time on my neck back legs under knees on top my calves, feels amazing. Best one ever. Thank you

Lisa Folkes


I am 95% better!

I was in total agony and could hardly bend or stand up straight. Now I am out in the garden and enjoying life. Normally I have to stop twice when walking from the carpark to the shops. After I tried the massage chair at the store, I was able to walk straight back to the car without stopping! I am so happy I bought this chair, it has made a huge difference to my life.

Barry, Pelican Waters, Qld


I love everything about it.! I recommend it to everyone

My favourite is the Stretching program and Dynamic is great…Yesterday I used the Head Massager again, I love that it is there including the synchronised music feature. I feel so much better using my chair and highly recommend to everyone! I give 5 stars, everyone was lovely!

Leon Coetzer


The Best Investment You Can Make!

I want to walk more now since having my Massage Chair. I am 72 years old and I am walking better since having my chair. It is so much cheaper then paying $50-$60 a massage, now I get a massage every day, morning and night. I love the Relax program, it helps me to have more flexibility that I get out and want to walk. I found the instruction manual very easy to understand. It’s the best investment you can make.

Mr Abraham


I don’t have one negative thing to say

I am a driver doing 4-5 day trips, I love coming home after sitting for 10 hours in the car and being able to have my chair ready whenever I am (it’s like having my own personal live in masseuse). Even my friends who visit love it, they visit more now. I love the Dynamic program and enjoy the heater when it’s cold. I also love using Night Time program to go back to sleep if I wake at 3am. It’s so quiet it doesn’t wake my neighbours in other apartments or my sleeping wife. I have had it since last July so over a year now and never had a problem with it.



Updated Review

On 29 Jan 2018 I wrote a review titled Beautiful Massage Chair on the productreview website. Having regularly used the many massage functions over the past 8 months I can reinforce my original impression – a premium quality massage chair with therapeutic benefits. Only one problem. I let friends and neighbours try it and they keep coming back for more! I’ll have to refer them to you 🙂

Anne, Kingscliff


Even the bones seem to be getting less brittle

I often need to get on it after a bout of doing tapestry. Using a large magnifying glass stand and bending over the canvas it plays hell on my neck & shoulders. Afterwards, I am able to stand up straight. As I have brittle bones I do need to be careful how and when I use the massage chair. The neck & shoulders programme – used a lot – as I do anywhere between 2 to 4 hours tapestry a day. I use the stretching once a week. The waist & hips also at least once or maybe twice a week. Both of these are used when I feel like it. Then there is the night sleep programme – at least 3 times a week. As you can see – I mix them up – depending on how I am feeling on the day. I also watch TV on the massage chair as I am experiencing the luxury of the hand and arm massage. As you can see from the above I use the chair a lot. I’m using the lumber support less and this is all because of how I use the massage chair. It controls all my aches & pains. Also when any of the relatives come here they will also use the chair. They mainly use the Dynamic programme or the stretching – usually without the extra padding which I have to have. I think I am the only one in the “family” who has brittle bones. Even the bones seem to be getting less brittle as I have a Prolea Needle in the stomach every 6 months for bone density. I absolutely love my chair and cannot speak highly enough of it!



I am a Cleaner and need a good rub down on my back, which my chair does for me whenever it suits me

I find the chair really helps me to be able to continue working hard. I love that I can have a massage what ever day or time that suits me.



I fall asleep quicker and easier

We feel so much more relaxed now, I actually fall asleep in the chair. I now fall asleep quicker and easier since using our chair.



AMAZING! I feel sooo much more relaxed and my whole body is looser and more flexible

I had been dying to get a massage chair for over 3 years, finally I have the best one that I use everyday. I love all the programs and have found I am not so tight and have loosened up so much. I feel so much more relaxed now.




Sales lady very knowledgeable and chair was soooooo outstanding that I bought for my hubby’s 50th… we all live and use the chair… BEST MASSAGE CHAIR..

Susan Edmonds

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Loving it, great after work

HI there, Just thought I would let you know we are loving the chair. The whole service from the phone order, to the guys setting the chair up etc was tops! I revisited the Robina pop up to get a little bit more information on the individualised settings & sales lady was great..



I don’t know how I lived without it before!

I purchased the black Ultra Feel massage chair to assist in managing pain associated with my chronic health condition of multi-focal dystonia. Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that causes muscles in the body to contract or spasm involuntarily. The involuntary muscle contractions cause twisting, repetitive and patterned movements as well as abnormal postures. Having now used the massage chair for the last 3 and a half months, I don’t know how I lived without it before! I have to be careful with how much I use it, because the Shiatsu style of massage it uses can put my muscles into spasm. However with the good choice of programs and wide range of customisation you can make to each massage cycle, I have found pain relief which some days has exceeded what my medication can provide. In addition, when I mentioned how tight the compression could be, you organised a change for my chair to provide lighter compression to fit my condition. This kind of service is exemplary, and certainly much appreciated! I love my Ultra Feel massage chair and would highly recommend this chair to anyone considering the purchase of a massage chair. Dealing with inTouch is easy and always pleasant and the chair is amazing! If anyone else is thinking of getting the chair I only have two words for them – do it! They won’t regret it! Thank you again for amazing service and such an awesome product. I really appreciate the relief it gives me!

Wendy, Qld


I am happy and confident that I have made the best investment for my health and well-being

I have had my Smart Glide massage chair for about 2 months now and I can’t express in words how awesome it is to come home after being at work on my feet all day to be able to put my feet up and relax in zero gravity and have a whole body massage every day. It is simply bliss!! The massage and compression remove all the build up of stress and tension in my muscles and my favourite part of the chair is the incredible foot massage which seems to rejuvenate my feet and takes away the aches and pains from the day. I love the way I can just press one of the auto programs and let the chair go through a whole body massage or I can use the manual settings on the back to customise and work on particular area’s that I choose to loosen all my tight muscles from standing all day at work. I love that I have mine in the lounge as I can watch my favourite TV shows from the comfort of my chair whilst having a massage, and my teenage daughter has found the head massager and neck/shoulder program is great when she is suffering from a headache. She was also seeing a chiropractor for her hips which were out and 2 weeks after using the stretching program daily, she felt that her hips are corrected and no longer needs to keep going to the costly chiro adjustments. She is standing straighter and taller as her back/hips are no longer causing her pain. I also love the stretching program as it gives me more flexibility all over and I sleep better at night too. I love the heating feature which heats the back/seat and arms and the nightime program with the gentle rocking has me falling asleep within minutes.

Hope, Gold Coast



Excellent product loving it I highly recommend it great chair



My staff all want to go on the chair every night. We bought it in 2015 and it hasn’t missed a beat!

We were so excited to come and try the chairs that we made a holiday out of it and drove up from Victoria to the Gold Coast to see which chair we would love. We loved the Smart Glide and knew our staff would too after working hard in our commercial laundry business. All our staff want to go on our chair every night! We bought it in 2015 and it hasn’t missed a beat. I see inTouch are now in Melbourne shopping centres so people can try them there.

Andrew Jurrjens


I am truly loving my chair

I use it every single day and/or night, I can feel it is helping me a lot. It relaxes me before I go to bed and helps me sleep, plus it helps my feet, thighs, arms and hands a lot. I can really feel the difference when I am on my feet for long periods at work.

Garry Beggs, Qld


It literally feels like I’m getting a professional massage every time I sit in it.

I’m a professional BMX rider living on the Gold Coast. Usually my days are filled with multiple sessions at the gym and riding my bike for 3-4 hours. So my body is sore a majority of the time. I searched around for the perfect massage chair and I found inTouch Massage Chairs. Once I sat in the Smart Glide, I couldn’t say no. The heating, zero gravity feature, Bluetooth speakers to name a few are all such amazing features. It literally feels like I’m getting a professional massage every time I sit in it which is exactly what I was looking for. Aside from being great for recovery, it is definitely my go to for relieving stress. If you are looking at getting a massage chair I would highly recommend the Smart Glide massage chair. 

Logan Martin, BMX World Champion


I couldn’t live without it

It helps a lot with my arthritis and the head massager really helps with my headaches. I use it nightly before bed and the Night Time program is one of my favourites.

Coral McLellan, Gold Coast


Just a beautiful chair

This is a beautiful chair and helps me so much with my pain relief and relaxation. I was so happy with the delivery team, very kind and caring.

Gloria Smith, Mt Tyson


Long-term solution for health improvement

I had bought the Smart Glide for eight-month. I use it almost everyday. I realised the swell problem of my legs has gone since having the chair. It not only helps me to improve my blood circulation to get rid of swell problem of legs, but also relieves my sore neck & shoulder effectively and improves my sleeping quality. I recommend it to anybody who is considering to get a good massage chair. Thanks for inTouch Massage Chair of giving me the solution for long-term improvement of my health conditions.

Winnie Chan


Excellent product. Excellent customer service. Would highly recommend to anybody.

Wow!!! What can we say? Excellent product with excellent customer service from the sale right through to the delivery. We were looking at massage chairs now for about 2 years until we saw the display at Garden City and thought we might try them. With the expertise of knowledge and patience, the salesperson showed us the difference with all models. Her Customer Service is beyond any we have experienced. We decided to go with the Smart Glide. We have since used the chair and noticed a huge difference in our bodies and this could be used at any time of the day. Fortnightly massage visits will now cease. This massage chair will be used to promote our health and wellbeing. Thank you very much. Excellent product. We will be recommending this chair to family and friends.

Pete and Bev, Boronia Heights Qld


Absolutely 5 Stars!!

I sleep so much better now and feel more energised, perhaps thanks to the Night Time and Stretching programs. Absolutely 5 stars – everyone, including the delivery technician, is so lovely.

Mabel Moont, NSW


So glad I bought

Using my massage chair has given me more stability and I no longer need to use my walking stick. I’m so glad I bought this chair.

Patricia, Gold Coast


Everyone that has tried it says it’s the best thing ever!

I knew the massage chair would help us for overall wellbeing but it has also helped my partner and I after the gym to have faster muscle recovery. Our roommate cycles and uses it too. I have also noticed my joints have more mobility and I have only had it for 1 month. My mother-in-law loved it that much we got one for her too!

Peter Mach


It has exceeded our expectation for our disabled child…

Since our son became less mobile we thought a massage chair would be beneficial and it has exceeded our expectations. He loves the Dynamic program and also loves the Swedish massage with long strokes up and down his sore spine. It has really helped his circulation and relieves his muscle pain. I would recommend this chair to anyone that has low mobility.

Tracey Marshall


A dream made into a reality

I’ve been dreaming of having my own massage chair for close to 10 years but the purchase price when I first started looking was $10,000 for a decent quality chair which is why it remained a dream until I recently found InTouch massage chairs. I have the Smart Glide chair and it has made such a difference not only to myself but to my whole family – everyone uses it daily, not just for pain relief but also for relaxation and recharging. It’s so much more convenient than a traditional massage therapist – you don’t need to worry about booking appointments between certain hours, travelling, what you’re wearing, if your plans change or paying for every session – it’s available in the comfort and privacy of my own home so I can get the relief I need, when and where I need it. For someone like me who is not comfortable going to a stranger for a massage, this chair is the perfect solution. I find one of the best features is the ability to target a particular area of the body by focusing the massage rollers to the source of pain/discomfort. The pre-programmed settings are fantastic but sometimes you just need concentrated relief – and it’s all available at the press of a few buttons. I can’t recommend it highly enough and would encourage anyone to take one for a test drive – you will feel better, sleep better and move better.

Kerrie Armstrong


Thanks to the chair, my knee pain has diminished to nothing!

I had been suffering from back and shoulder pain for a number of years as well as knee problems. One of my knees had to have an operation. I still had pain after the knee operation but, after regular use of my chair, I found great relief in my shoulders and back and the added bonus that my knee pain has diminished to nothing. By regularly using the chair, my wife also has found a reduced amount of pain in her feet caused by arthritis. I am confident that no matter which chair someone chooses, it will improve their lifestyle.

Lance Edbrooke


Highly Recommended. It has improved my quality of life.

Excellent, patient, thoughtful sales, delivery and installation with good follow-up. Extremely good product. Originally purchased for a very busy daughter but I’m using more for myself instead. Great for easing into sleeping mode after a physically and mentally busy day.



No more Chiropractor for me, my wife is now only taking less then half her pain medication, so we highly recommended a chair

My favourite program is the Stretching. I am a bus driver so I had a lot of pain in my neck and lumbar sitting for hours and lifting luggage into under carriage. I was seeing a Chiropractor every fortnight but now no longer go as the chair is all I need. My wife loves the Neck & Shoulder program and has now reduced her pain medication by more than half the dose. The doctor and my wife are very pleased with these results after only getting the chair approx. 2-3 months ago.

John Richardson


Don & Kerry Review The Ispace

Don & Kerry


I would have no hesitation in recommending inTouch Massage Chairs.

I purchased an Ultra Feel Massage Chair from inTouch Massage Chairs and it is used everyday by myself and my family. I believe that massage is very important for general health and wellbeing and find it so convenient to be able to have a massage every day in my own home. I love the intensity and effectiveness of this massage chair. It has different auto programs and I can also use the manual buttons to target different areas using different massage styles. My favourite programs are the Stretching and the Weightless. The foot massage is great for days when I have been on my feet all day. I also find the head massager provides relief for my headaches. The airbags are placed all through the chair and I can adjust the pressure to suit. I also love that I can play music through the chair from phone and often use the music synchronisation feature so that my massage follows the beat of the music! The heating is great, particularly in winter, and it really relaxes the muscles. I have recommended inTouch Massage Chairs to all of my extended family and now many of them have an inTouch massage chair too! inTouch is a great company to deal with, very accommodating and they provide excellent customer service.

Hugh Nguyen, Lawyer



Awesome Chair! Great people to do business with, very accommodating, delivery and setup a breeze.



Nice place, really friendly staff and their massage chairs are just divine.

Travis Hetherington

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Testimonial by Lee Kernaghan, Australian country music singer

We chose an inTouch Smart Glide massage chair for our recording complex so our musicians and I could relax on a break during long recording sessions. We really love the chair and the way it revitalises you and keeps any aches and pains at bay. Every time I use the chair I feel great afterwards; more productive and have found that I sleep so much better. My favourite program is the Stretching and I also love the Night Time program. The longer roller track is great and I always use the deep tissue massage setting. The speakers are clear and the music synchronisation feature is really special. I love that I can control the massage and the chair does exactly what you need it to do. The calf and foot massage are particularly energising. The inTouch team were great – helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The delivery and assembly was smooth and customer care is top notch. I would definitely recommend an inTouch massage chair to anyone thinking about investing in one. It was the best massage chair I found on the market and I love supporting local business.

Lee Kernaghan, Australian country music singer


This is the best investment for health I have ever made.

I was having at least one massage every week. Unfortunately for my massage therapist, not any more. The inTouch massage chair is in many ways better than the real thing. Combine this with that the fact that I can have a massage before going to bed every night it’s amazing. I love it, my wife loves it and I just wish I never mentioned the chair to family and friends. We have never had so many visitors. Great value. Great company.

Mark Stephens, Sydney


Best Investment Ever!!

What an amazing product. The Smart Glide Massage Chair is definitely the best in its class. Thank you Sam and team for the amazing customer service, the best in its industry. WOW WOW WOW

Michael & Romela O (Blakehurst)


In just 2 weeks my ankle pain has been relieved

I’ve had the Smart Glide for 2 months now and everything that’s advertised about the chair is true. The sales rep’s are not lying when they explain that the chair can change your life. My lower back pain is not an issue to me anymore and my golf handicap is reducing every week because of this chair. Thanks April from Robina Shopping Center

Stan Morse


Best decision I ever made

I’m loving it. The Stretching program is my favourite and I use it every night.



I find the chair very relaxing, the health benefits are terrific.

My limping has improved and the pain I was suffering has reduced significantly. When I got up after my demonstration I was virtually pain free with no limping so it was a very easy decision.

Ron Loveridge, VIC


I feel so much better, I can turn my head more now too!

Since using my Smart Glide I feel so much better. I can turn my head more now too. I LOVE the Night time and Hip & Waist programs, especially how it pushes up my back. My wife uses our chair a lot and loves it too.

Roman Winter


It really helps my severe osteoarthritis in my joints to relieve pressure & swelling.

My favourite chair is the Smart Glide as it has is the ultimate Stretching Program, I found it really helps to relieve pressure & swelling around my knees & legs as I suffer with severe osteoarthritis in my joints.

Anne Sievers


It was the best thing we ever did!

Buying a Smart Glide was the best thing we ever did! We love it! We use it often especially my favourite program which is the Stretching program.

John Oxenham


My back has never felt better. My wifes loves using it after work, it helps her sleep well.

My back has never felt better… My wife loves to use it after work when her neck and back are sore, it relieves the tension so much that she falls asleep in it often.

Gary Huston


After surfing & paddle boarding I find the chair really helps to relax my tight muscles

My back has never felt better… My wife loves to use it after work when her neck and back are sore, it relieves the tension so much that she falls asleep in it often.

Robert Adamson


5 Stars

My back has never felt better… My wife loves to use it after work when her neck and back are sore, it relieves the tension so much that she falls asleep in it often.



I love the Twist program

My favourite is the Twist program, it is so relaxing and such a great stress relief. My young children are often on it as they love it too. We all especially love the music feature of the chair.

Melissa (Qld)


It’s really helped my husband’s bad back

My back has never felt better… My wife loves to use it after work when her neck and back are sore, it relieves the tension so much that she falls asleep in it often.

Kana (Qld)


Best chair – Good investment for health

This massage chair is very good for blood circulation and helps a lot for muscle therapy. I am very happy that I bought and I recommend to everyone to buy this chair. Thank You.

Branko (Qld)


The Best !!!

I’ve tried about a dozen massage chairs (priced up to $12K) and had not found any that were pleasing enough or had all the features I wanted. This one is at least 50% better than any others I tried and, although early days, I’m rating this 9 out of 10…it’ll be a 10 if I’ve not worn it out after a couple of years!! The staff were great to deal with.

Chris Curtis


Within a week I was back dancing and living and loving life again

My love affair with this amazing massage chair began many years ago at my local gym which had two inTouch massage chairs. There was always a line up in the mornings to use them so I would come back in the afternoon just to get a massage. Yes it really IS that good!! I have tried many massage chairs but never experienced one like this. Last year I had severe sacro-iliac problems (lower back), was in constant pain and my spine kept clicking even standing still. Dancing is my passion and I was dancing 5 nights a week until I got this problem. I was paying for many therapies – acupuncture, shiatsu, chiropractic, all to no avail. I went to the inTouch showroom where the staff were helpful, caring and knowledgeable. The chair has changed my life. I bought it for my birthday present, because I deserve it. So began my recovery. Within a week I was back dancing and living and loving life again. I still use it at a least twice a day, every day, on rising it gets my energy and body flowing and every afternoon after work to relax and unwind, and after dancing, to keep me dancing!! I am so grateful. every day….

Donna, Qld


This store has a display of the full range of their magnificent chairs and I found the staff to be very well informed and friendly.

Charlotte Dawson, Qld

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