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Back & Neck Seat Massager: Our Premier Back and Neck Massager

Back & Neck Seat Massager



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Want to improve circulation? Ease aching muscles? Enjoy a deep tissue massage in your own home.

Using your inTouch Back & Neck Seat Massager will soon become your favourite part of the day. Combining targeted massage rollers, air compression, heating and various massage techniques, its unique design and advanced features take portable massage chair therapy to a whole new level.

key features

Adjustable neck rollers

Kneading and Swedish massage

Seat vibration

Ergonomic design

Dual direction

Back massage

Neck and back heating

Easy-to-use remote control

High grade fabric

Targeted massage

Air compression

Attachment strap

Layers of cushioning

Luxurious Massage Anywhere, Anytime

This massage chair pad is the ultimate portable neck and back massager in Australia.


the natural curves of your back and neck, this portable massage chair will provide you with an indulgent and therapeutic massage that will effectively target the tension in your upper and lower body.

Invigorating neck
and back rollers

Discover the ultimate tension release with adjustable deep-tissue neck massage rollers. Hit the right spot or change the direction to further enhance your massage. Feel the bliss as multiple nodules massage your back, easing knots and stress.

Neck and back

Turn up the heat! Feel a soothing warmth envelop you as you incorporate heating into your massage experience. This massager provides soothing heat to enhance your relaxation experience, as well as ease tension in your neck and back.

Targeted massage for
different areas of the back

Enjoy a Swedish rolling or kneading massage for your whole back or concentrate your massage on either your upper or lower back. When you discover areas of tension during your massage, simply press the Target button to focus the massage in that spot until the tension is released.

Adjustable Speed


Not just a back and neck massager, air compression at your waist and hips will improve circulation whilst applying pressure that can be adjusted to suit you, with 3 varying levels of intensity.


Enhance your massage with vibration and pulsing in the seat area to relax the muscles in your lower body. Adjust the speed with three different levels to choose from.

swedish massage

Swedish Massage is a vertical massage technique that gently massages up and down your back in long, soothing strokes.


The practice of kneading effectively massages trigger points to ease muscular knots, tightness, and pain.

Easy-to-use remote control

Comprehensive, yet easy-to-use – the remote control helps you achieve a massage customised to suit you. Target different areas of your back, adjust the neck rollers, add heating, or adjust the vibration speed and air pressure. Take the remote control from the handy side pocket and make the massage your own!

Strap for secure attachment and storage

With an elasticated Velcro strap at the lower back, you can place your Back & Neck Seat Massager on most chairs and secure it in position.

Adjustable Roller Width

Ensure the rolling Swedish massage reaches just the right area of your spine where you hold the most tension by easily adjusting the width position of the back nodules as they travel up and down your back. 

High grade fabric

Super soft yet durable microfiber leather in a modern grey will suit any décor and any chair. Layers of cushioning at the neck and back can be removed to adjust the intensity depending on your mood or the various preferences of each member of the family. Trust us, this is no regular massage chair pad.

soothe tired

peace of mind

At inTouch, feeling is everything to us. We ensure our products feel better than any other massage products on the market. Proudly Australian owned and operated, our expertise together with the most advanced technology has enabled us to create an unparalleled range of massage therapy products.

With a comprehensive 1-year warranty and exemplary after sales support, we have helped thousands of Australians to improve their health and well-being with our full range of massagers.



Height 79cm
Width 47cm
Depth 43cm


Height 52cm
Width 82cm
Depth 26cm
Weight 10kg

Back & Neck Seat massager reviews

Julia Agathangelou
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Immediate relief!!!

Always struggled with lower back pain and let me tell you there is nothing nicer than hopping into one of these for a bit of relief at the end of the day.

Melissa Tkautz
Image is not available
Discovering inTouch has been life changing

I have always been obsessed with massages. It’s the thing I do to relax, recharge and re-energise. Not only does it give me the opportunity to enjoy more self-care time easily at home, but also means that no matter what happens in these crazy times, I can still enjoy some me time.

Roger Jones
Image is not available
Best thing in the house

Absolutely love my seat massager!! I live in a very small apartment and can’t fit a full massage chair. Luckily for me I have now have a way to get all the health benefits of massage without losing any space.

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People Also Ask

What are the benefits of a chair massager?

Chair massagers offer a great opportunity to relieve tension and stress while receiving the benefits of massage therapy. By focusing on specific areas, a massage seat is designed to release muscle tension, enhance circulation, and improve overall relaxation.

Studies have also shown that chair massagers can lower cortisol levels – the stress hormone – and improve mental clarity, making them beneficial for individuals juggling multiple tasks throughout their workday.

Last but not least, a massage seat increases circulation throughout the body, allowing it to become relaxed, and increasing flexibility and range of motion.

If you’re looking for a way to destress in an office or other professional setting, a portable chair massager is an ideal option due to their convenience, affordability, and immediate effects.

For a premium portable chair massager, look no further than inTouch.

Is a seat massager worth it?

With so many ways to relax and treat yourself these days, it can be hard to decide if investing in a seat massager is worth it.

Massage seats provide an easy way to access targeted relief right at home or anywhere with power, whenever you need an instant relaxation boost. Powerful motorised rollers invigorate your muscles while relieving tension and fatigue, helping to promote circulation, and enabling your body to recover quickly from daily stress.

A massage seat is absolutely worth it for anyone looking to make their massage chair portable. They offer easy access to relief of tension without the need for a professional massage therapist.

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Back & Neck Seat Massager