HeadacheTension headaches account for almost 90% of all headaches. Often caused by stress, they are brought on by tight muscles in your head, neck and upper back.

Factors that can also contribute to headaches include poor posture due to looking at computer screens and phones, tight neck and jaw muscles, teeth grinding due to stress, imbalances caused by weak back or core muscles, and even imbalances of the hips, knees, ankles and feet which can cause your muscles to over- or under-compensate when you’re moving around.

Targeted massage can help to alleviate these problems and ease headaches.

Benefits of massage for headaches

Research has shown that massage for tension headaches can:

  • Relieve pain
  • Release tension
  • Reduce duration and intensity of headaches
  • Improve range of motion of the neck and body
  • Reduce frequency of headaches

Studies have shown that even a short massage session of 30 minutes can provide relief from headache pain. Regular massage can also help to prevent headaches from occurring. The American Journal of Public Health published a 2002 study which found that headache frequency was significantly reduced within the first week of a massage therapy program,.

Neck and shoulder massage

The most important muscles to target for headaches are those of the head, neck and upper back. Massage therapy focusing on your neck and shoulders can help to ease tension and tightness in the muscles that commonly contribute to headaches. It can also help to reduce recurring headaches by improving your posture and improving the range of motion in your neck and shoulders.

Full body massage

Studies have shown that massage increases blood flow to soft tissues and releases knots and tight muscles. Full body massage can help to relieve overall tension and stress in your body, correct muscle imbalances, align your body correctly and alleviate aches and pains throughout your entire body, including headaches.

Head massage

Head massage is a soothing and effective way to relax and ease headaches. It can help to relieve stress and alleviate mental discomfort and excessive thinking. It reduces feelings of pressure and anxiety, relaxes your muscles and helps you to think more clearly.

Head massage technology Head massager

At the leading-edge of massage technology, inTouch Massage Chairs have developed and patented an innovative head massager, available in particular models in the range. The head massager is specifically designed to target the acupressure points in your temples, easing pain and stress by promoting the flow of blood and oxygen to aid healing. The nodes at the back of the head massager give you a relaxing neck massage and help to release any tightness in your neck which is so often a cause of headaches. Using gentle air compression, the head massager also helps to calm your thoughts and relieve the pressure and discomfort of headaches. By adjusting the strength of the air compression, you can even change the level of pressure and program to best suit your needs. Massage is safe, natural and enjoyable. It can provide effective pain relief and reduce the duration and frequency of headaches.

Even if you don’t usually get headaches, massage can really help to release tension, calm your thoughts and help you to relax and unwind.