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Are Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Worth it?

A traditional massage chair lays back like a standard recliner, which is comfortable but doesn’t offer the enhanced health benefits of a zero gravity massage chair. A zero gravity chair reclines all the way back, putting the body into a neutral position designed by NASA scientists known as the “zero gravity position” in which the legs are raised above heart level and weight is evenly distributed. But how exactly is this more beneficial?

Reduced Spinal Pressure and Pain Relief

Gravity doesn’t act downward on the spine in this position, which means spinal pressure caused by the gravitational pull isn’t an issue. This weightless position relaxes the spine and allows it to go back to its natural state, reducing pressure and stress as a result. This lowers back pain, promotes healing of any back injuries and reduces the risk of future back injuries.


Relaxation of the Neck

The anti-gravity effect of zero gravity chairs also prevents pressure build-up in the neck. The head is a heavy body part and gravity pulls it down, causing stress to the neck. This is where using a zero gravity chair can help. It works similarly as other leather massage chairs but the nature of the zero gravity chair also releases built-up pressure in the neck that accumulates throughout the day due to gravity. The result? Relieved tension, less pain and more freedom of movement.

Improved Circulation and Heart Functioning

Zero gravity chairs can also assist in the functioning of the heart. Normally when you are sitting or standing, the heart is in a constant battle with the force of gravity that pulls the blood down towards the legs and feet. However, the horizontal resting position the chair affords allows the heart to pump blood more evenly throughout the body without fighting against gravity, which decreases stress on the heart and improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the body’s tissues.


Better Lung Efficiency

Strange as it may be, a zero gravity chair can increase lung efficiency. When in a resting position in a zero gravity chair, the weight of the chest and lungs cannot put pressure on the diaphragm. This means that the diaphragm and lungs can expand and relax more easily thanks to the reduced pressure, enabling a more efficient consumption of oxygen that then gets supplied to the rest of the body.


Minimise Leg Swelling

It’s quite normal for people who’re injured or simply had a long day at work to experience swelling in the legs, which is often caused by gravity forcing blood to the lower extremities. A zero gravity chair can help to remove this pooled blood from the legs because of the improved circulation and increase in heart efficiency, resulting in reduced swelling.


Increased Relaxation and Mental Well-Being

All of the added benefits and effects granted by a zero gravity chair have a direct advantage on mental health and overall feeling. More relaxed muscles, better blood flow, increased oxygenation and reduced stress on internal organs and body parts all bring about an improved state of mental well-being and an overall better mood.

Zero gravity massage chairs are the future of wellness and massage. The health benefits they offer are far superior to standard full body massage chairs, and they offer even more than their inferior counterparts. For reasons such as improved mental health, neck and spine relaxation, better pain relief, increased lung and heart functioning and swelling relief, it’s no surprise that our customers often tell us that their zero gravity chair is worth every cent.

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