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How Often Can I Use a Massage Chair at Home?

Anyone who owns a massage chair will tell you that it has become an integral part of their daily life. If asked “how often should I use mine?” they’ll likely respond with “as much as possible!” . It’s there to offer relaxation and relief as often as you like and doesn’t entail any scheduling with a therapist or driving to the spa or clinic. With a best massage chair in Australia, you have the freedom to enjoy a massage whenever you want.

There are a few things to consider regarding the frequency of use – and one of those things is why you’re using a massage chair. 


Physical Pain

Those who suffer from physical pain – be it from chronic conditions, injury or overenthusiastic athleticism – will benefit from around three to four deep muscle tissue therapy sessions a week. Sufferers of life-affecting pain like aching shoulders, lower back problems and neck pain will likely reap the rewards with a series of steady intervals. However, everyone’s bodies and tolerances are different, so it’s important to gauge your own body and see how it feels and responds to treatment – which can then be adjusted accordingly.


For Relaxation, Stress Relief and Reduced Anxiety

The mental health benefits of back massage chairs are renowned, providing many with relief from anxiety, stress and insomnia with regular, consistent use. People in need of such relief and relaxation can resort to a massage chair’s healing at any time, but more specifically they should do so when the stress levels rise. When you notice you’re struggling to sleep, you feel the anxiety pumping, the mind racing and the stress rising, taking a little time to step back, relax and enjoy a massage in your chair will provide much-needed relief, allowing you to continue your day with a fresher mind and body.

Overall, there are no specific frequency rules for using a zero gravity massage chairs for stress relief – it’s down to how you personally feel and when you feel like you need relief. However, you’ll likely notice that a massage chair awards particular therapeutic effects to those who enjoy a massage in the evening after work, before bedtime and even in the morning to start the day on a positive note.


Ease Into It

Many people believe you can’t overdo something that’s good for you. Some of our customers use their leather massage chair several times a day and don’t know how they ever coped without one before. But even so, it’s important to ease into it. Many people purchase a heated massage chair to release tension in their muscles. Regularly massaging tense muscles can make you feel a little sore until your muscles start to become supple. As this starts to happen, you’ll quickly relax into a schedule and find a massage routine that works for you personally.

No matter the reason, one thing’s sure-fire: full body massage chairs can be used frequently, and they’re designed to be used every day. A massage chair is becoming a staple must-have in health-focused people’s homes and workplaces thanks to the incredible benefits it provides.

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