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  • Number 1 Selling Massage Chair in Australia!

  • Australian Custom Engineered

  • Advanced 3D Deep Tissue Massage

  • Advanced 3D Air Retraction Technology

  • L-Shaped Roller Track– for targeted lower body massage

  • Extra Long Massage Rollers reach Neck, Back, Glutes and Thighs

  • Bluetooth Technology & Music Synchronisation

  • Zero Gravity Weightless Positioning

  • Head Massager – Patented Wraparound Design

  • Body Detection Technology

  • Adjusts to Suit Body Shape and Size

  • 6 Luxurious Automatic Programs

  • Customisable Manual Massage Mode

  • Kneading, Shiatsu, Vibration & Swedish Massage Techniques

  • Full Body Massage - Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Buttocks, Arms, Hands, Calves and Feet

  • Whole Body Massage Options

  • Controlled Intelligent Quad Roller System

  • Latest Targeted Air Compression Technology

  • Optimal Air Cushion Sizes and Positioning

  • Advanced Stretching Program

  • Wraparound Shoulder Air Cushions

  • Shoulder Massage and Stretch

  • Arm & Hand Massage

  • Seat & Hip Massage

  • Advanced Circular Calf Massage with Speed Control

  • Advanced Reflexology Foot Massage with Speed Control

  • Synchronised Angle Positioning

  • Flexible Leg Rest Extension

  • Advanced Heating – Back, Seat & Arms

  • Bonus Wraparound Massager (ideal for knees and elbows)

  • Luxury Cushioning

  • Bonus Removable Softening Cushion

  • Smart Remote Control

  • Superior Speakers

  • Choice of Colours

  • Comprehensive Warranty

  • Relax Now, Pay Later with zipMoney or Certegy Ezi-Pay

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Regular Price: A$8,900.00

Special Price A$5,290.00


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Customer Reviews 35 item(s)

I don't have one negative thing to say
I am a driver doing 4-5 day trips, I love coming home after sitting for 10 hours in the car and being able to have my chair ready whenever I am (it's like having my own personal live in masseuse). Even my friends who visit love it, they visit more now. I love the Dynamic program and enjoy the heater when it's cold. I also love using Night Time program to go back to sleep if I wake at 3am. It's so quiet it doesn't wake my neighbours in other apartments or my sleeping wife. I have had it since last July so over a year now and never had a problem with it.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Ricky / 15-10-2018
Updated Review
On 29 Jan 2018 I wrote a review titled Beautiful Massage Chair on the productreview website. Having regularly used the many massage functions over the past 8 months I can reinforce my original impression - a premium quality massage chair with therapeutic benefits. Only one problem. I let friends and neighbours try it and they keep coming back for more! I'll have to refer them to you :-)
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Anne, Kingscliff / 08-10-2018
Even the bones seem to be getting less brittle
I often need to get on it after a bout of doing tapestry. Using a large magnifying glass stand and bending over the canvas it plays hell on my neck & shoulders. Afterwards, I am able to stand up straight. As I have brittle bones I do need to be careful how and when I use the massage chair. The neck & shoulders programme - used a lot - as I do anywhere between 2 to 4 hours tapestry a day. I use the stretching once a week. The waist & hips also at least once or maybe twice a week. Both of these are used when I feel like it. Then there is the night sleep programme - at least 3 times a week. As you can see - I mix them up - depending on how I am feeling on the day. I also watch TV on the massage chair as I am experiencing the luxury of the hand and arm massage. As you can see from the above I use the chair a lot. I'm using the lumber support less and this is all because of how I use the massage chair. It controls all my aches & pains. Also when any of the relatives come here they will also use the chair. They mainly use the Dynamic programme or the stretching - usually without the extra padding which I have to have. I think I am the only one in the "family" who has brittle bones. Even the bones seem to be getting less brittle as I have a Prolea Needle in the stomach every 6 months for bone density. I absolutely love my chair and cannot speak highly enough of it!
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Barbara / 21-09-2018
I am a Cleaner and need a good rub down on my back, which my chair does for me whenever it suits me
I find the chair really helps me to be able to continue working hard. I love that I can have a massage what ever day or time that suits me.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Karla / 19-09-2018
I fall asleep quicker and easier
We feel so much more relaxed now, I actually fall asleep in the chair. I now fall asleep quicker and easier since using our chair.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Jim / 19-09-2018
AMAZING! I feel sooo much more relaxed and my whole body is looser and more flexible
I had been dying to get a massage chair for over 3 years, finally I have the best one that I use everyday. I love all the programs and have found I am not so tight and have loosened up so much. I feel so much more relaxed now.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Robyn / 14-09-2018
Loving it, great after work
HI there, Just thought I would let you know we are loving the chair.
The whole service from the phone order, to the guys setting the chair up etc was tops!
I revisited the Robina pop up to get a little bit more information on the individualised settings & sales lady was great..

Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Naomi / 03-08-2018
I am happy and confident that I have made the best investment for my health and well-being
I have had my Smart Glide massage chair for about 2 months now and I can’t express in words how awesome it is to come home after being at work on my feet all day to be able to put my feet up and relax in zero gravity and have a whole body massage every day. It is simply bliss!!
The massage and compression remove all the build up of stress and tension in my muscles and my favourite part of the chair is the incredible foot massage which seems to rejuvenate my feet and takes away the aches and pains from the day. I love the way I can just press one of the auto programs and let the chair go through a whole body massage or I can use the manual settings on the back to customise and work on particular area’s that I choose to loosen all my tight muscles from standing all day at work.
I love that I have mine in the lounge as I can watch my favourite TV shows from the comfort of my chair whilst having a massage, and my teenage daughter has found the head massager and neck/shoulder program is great when she is suffering from a headache. She was also seeing a chiropractor for her hips which were out and 2 weeks after using the stretching program daily, she felt that her hips are corrected and no longer needs to keep going to the costly chiro adjustments. She is standing straighter and taller as her back/hips are no longer causing her pain. I also love the stretching program as it gives me more flexibility all over and I sleep better at night too. I love the heating feature which heats the back/seat and arms and the nightime program with the gentle rocking has me falling asleep within minutes.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Hope, Gold Coast / 30-07-2018
Excellent product loving it
I highly recommend it great chair
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Yonan / 28-07-2018
My staff all want to go on the chair every night. We bought it in 2015 and it hasn't missed a beat!
We were so excited to come and try the chairs that we made a holiday out of it and drove up from Victoria to the Gold Coast to see which chair we would love. We loved the Smart Glide and knew our staff would too after working hard in our commercial laundry business. All our staff want to go on our chair every night! We bought it in 2015 and it hasn't missed a beat. I see inTouch are now in Melbourne shopping centres so people can try them there.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Andrew Jurrjens / 19-07-2018
I am truly loving my chair
I use it every single day and/or night, I can feel it is helping me a lot. It relaxes me before I go to bed and helps me sleep, plus it helps my feet, thighs, arms and hands a lot. I can really feel the difference when I am on my feet for long periods at work.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Garry Beggs, Qld / 27-06-2018
It literally feels like I’m getting a professional massage every time I sit in it.
I’m a professional BMX rider living on the Gold Coast. Usually my days are filled with multiple sessions at the gym and riding my bike for 3-4 hours. So my body is sore a majority of the time.

Some days are definitely harder than others and I’ve always loved getting massages on the days my body needs a rest. I figured if I bought a massage chair and got to have a massage every day, I would be able to have less days off when my body is so sore.

So, I searched around for the perfect massage chair and I found inTouch Massage Chairs. Once I sat in the Smart Glide, I couldn’t say no. The heating, zero gravity feature, Bluetooth speakers to name a few are all such amazing features. But what stood out even more was the comfort of the chair. It literally feels like I’m getting a professional massage every time I sit in it which is exactly what I was looking for. Aside from being great for recovery, it is definitely my go to for relieving stress.

The team at inTouch were really friendly and the setup/installation process was extremely easy.

If you are looking at getting a massage chair I would highly recommend the Smart Glide massage chair.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Logan Martin, BMX World Champion / 13-06-2018
I couldn't live without it
It helps a lot with my arthritis and the head massager really helps with my headaches. I use it nightly before bed and the Night Time program is one of my favourites.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Coral McLellan, Gold Coast / 24-05-2018
Long-term solution for health improvement
I had bought the Smart Glide for eight-month. I use it almost everyday. I realised the swell problem of my legs has gone since having the chair. It not only helps me to improve my blood circulation to get rid of swell problem of legs, but also relieves my sore neck & shoulder effectively and improves my sleeping quality. I recommend it to anybody who is considering to get a good massage chair. Thanks for inTouch Massage Chair of giving me the solution for long-term improvement of my health conditions.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Winnie Chan / 15-05-2018
Excellent product. Excellent customer service. Would highly recommend to anybody.
Wow!!! What can we say? Excellent product with excellent customer service from the sale right through to the delivery.

We were looking at massage chairs now for about 2 years until we saw the display at Garden City and thought we might try them.

With the expertise of knowledge and patience, the salesperson showed us the difference with all models. Her Customer Service is beyond any we have experienced. We decided to go with the Smart Glide.

We have since used the chair and noticed a huge difference in our bodies and this could be used at any time of the day. Fortnightly massage visits will now cease.

This massage chair will be used to promote our health and wellbeing. Thank you very much. Excellent product. We will be recommending this chair to family and friends.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Pete and Bev, Boronia Heights Qld / 09-05-2018
Absolutely 5 Stars!!
I sleep so much better now and feel more energised, perhaps thanks to the Night Time and Stretching programs. Absolutely 5 stars - everyone, including the delivery technician, is so lovely.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Mabel Moont, NSW / 27-04-2018
Everyone that has tried it says it's the best thing ever!
I knew the massage chair would help us for overall wellbeing but it has also helped my partner and I after the gym to have faster muscle recovery. Our roommate cycles and uses it too. I have also noticed my joints have more mobility and I have only had it for 1 month. My mother-in-law loved it that much we got one for her too!
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Peter Mach / 05-04-2018
It has exceeded our expectation for our disabled child...
Since our son became less mobile we thought a massage chair would be beneficial and it has exceeded our expectations. He loves the Dynamic program and also loves the Swedish massage with long strokes up and down his sore spine. It has really helped his circulation and relieves his muscle pain. I would recommend this chair to anyone that has low mobility.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Tracey Marshall / 28-03-2018
A dream made into a reality
I’ve been dreaming of having my own massage chair for close to 10 years but the purchase price when I first started looking was $10,000 for a decent quality chair which is why it remained a dream until I recently found InTouch massage chairs.

I have the Smart Glide chair and it has made such a difference not only to myself but to my whole family – everyone uses it daily, not just for pain relief but also for relaxation and recharging. It’s so much more convenient than a traditional massage therapist - you don’t need to worry about booking appointments between certain hours, travelling, what you’re wearing, if your plans change or paying for every session – it’s available in the comfort and privacy of my own home so I can get the relief I need, when and where I need it. For someone like me who is not comfortable going to a stranger for a massage, this chair is the perfect solution.

I find one of the best features is the ability to target a particular area of the body by focusing the massage rollers to the source of pain/discomfort. The pre-programmed settings are fantastic but sometimes you just need concentrated relief – and it’s all available at the press of a few buttons.

I can’t recommend it highly enough and would encourage anyone to take one for a test drive – you will feel better, sleep better and move better.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Kerrie Armstrong / 25-03-2018
Thanks to the chair, my knee pain has diminished to nothing!
I had been suffering from back and shoulder pain for a number of years as well as knee problems. One of my knees had to have an operation. I still had pain after the knee operation but, after regular use of my chair, I found great relief in my shoulders and back and the added bonus that my knee pain has diminished to nothing. By regularly using the chair, my wife also has found a reduced amount of pain in her feet caused by arthritis. I am confident that no matter which chair someone chooses, it will improve their lifestyle.

Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Lance Edbrooke / 21-03-2018
Highly Recommended. It has improved my quality of life.
Excellent, patient, thoughtful sales, delivery and installation with good follow-up. Extremely good product. Originally purchased for a very busy daughter but I'm using more for myself instead. Great for easing into sleeping mode after a physically and mentally busy day.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Sid / 15-03-2018
No more Chiropractor for me, my wife is now only taking less then half her pain medication, so we highly recommended a chair
My favourite program is the Stretching. I am a bus driver so I had a lot of pain in my neck and lumbar sitting for hours and lifting luggage into under carriage. I was seeing a Chiropractor every fortnight but now no longer go as the chair is all I need. My wife loves the Neck & Shoulder program and has now reduced her pain medication by more than half the dose. The doctor and my wife are very pleased with these results after only getting the chair approx. 2-3 months ago.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by John Richardson / 15-03-2018
Awesome Chair! Great people to do business with, very accommodating, delivery and setup a breeze. Review by Robyn / 12-01-2018
Testimonial by Lee Kernaghan, Australian country music singer
SmartGlide TestimonialWe chose an inTouch Smart Glide massage chair for our recording complex so our musicians and I could relax on a break during long recording sessions. We really love the chair and the way it revitalises you and keeps any aches and pains at bay. Every time I use the chair I feel great afterwards; more productive and have found that I sleep so much better.

My favourite program is the Stretching and I also love the Night Time program. The longer roller track is great and I always use the deep tissue massage setting. The speakers are clear and the music synchronisation feature is really special.

I love that I can control the massage and the chair does exactly what you need it to do. The calf and foot massage are particularly energising.

The inTouch team were great – helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The delivery and assembly was smooth and customer care is top notch.

I would definitely recommend an inTouch massage chair to anyone thinking about investing in one. It was the best massage chair I found on the market and I love supporting local business.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Lee Kernaghan, Australian country music singer / 06-10-2017
This is the best investment for health I have ever made.
I was having at least one massage every week. Unfortunately for my massage therapist, not any more. The inTouch massage chair is in many ways better than the real thing. Combine this with that the fact that I can have a massage before going to bed every night it’s amazing. I love it, my wife loves it and I just wish I never mentioned the chair to family and friends. We have never had so many visitors. Great value. Great company.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Mark Stephens, Sydney / 11-09-2017
Best Investment Ever!!
What an amazing product. The Smart Glide Massage Chair is definitely the best in its class. Thank you Sam and team for the amazing customer service, the best in its industry. WOW WOW WOW
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Michael & Romela O (Blakehurst) / 02-08-2017
In just 2 weeks my ankle pain has been relieved
I have only had the chair 2 weeks and already have had wonderful results. After my morning massage I feel revved up for the day ahead. From years of Karate I had really bad ankle pain and the Smart Glide has relieved the pain so much and helped my posture already in such a short time of using it. I can't wait to see what other benefits I will feel.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Stan Morse / 31-07-2017
Best decision I ever made
I’m loving it. The Stretching program is my favourite and I use it every night.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Lauren / 27-07-2017
I feel so much better, I can turn my head more now too!
Since using my Smart Glide I feel so much better. I can turn my head more now too. I LOVE the Night time and Hip & Waist programs, especially how it pushes up my back. My wife uses our chair a lot and loves it too.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Roman Winter / 18-07-2017
It really helps my severe osteoarthritis in my joints to relieve pressure & swelling.
My favourite chair is the Smart Glide as it has is the ultimate Stretching Program, I found it really helps to relieve pressure & swelling around my knees & legs as I suffer with severe osteoarthritis in my joints.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Anne Sievers / 15-06-2017
It was the best thing we ever did!
Buying a Smart Glide was the best thing we ever did! We love it! We use it often especially my favourite program which is the Stretching program.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by John Oxenham / 13-06-2017
5 Stars
One of the best ones I have tried so far. I am really thinking of investing in the Smart Glide.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Sylvain / 10-06-2017
It's really helped my husband's bad back
I love our Smart Glide Massage Chair. More importantly, my husband does too. He has bad back pain but the chair has really helped relax his tight muscles. My young daughter especially loves it after her swimming lessons. I give inTouch a 5 star rating for the chair and service. Even my friend has purchased one!
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Kana (Qld) / 24-05-2017
Best chair - Good investment for health
This massage chair is very good for blood circulation and helps a lot for muscle therapy. I am very happy that I bought and I recommend to everyone to buy this chair. Thank You.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Branko (Qld) / 24-05-2017
The Best !!!
I've tried about a dozen massage chairs (priced up to $12K) and had not found any that were pleasing enough or had all the features I wanted. This one is at least 50% better than any others I tried and, although early days, I'm rating this 9 out of 10...it'll be a 10 if I've not worn it out after a couple of years!! The staff were great to deal with.
Quality, Value & Customer Care
Review by Chris Curtis / 06-04-2017


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