What is Zero Gravity?

Developed by NASA scientists, Zero Gravity is the position that provides the most relaxation and recovery for your body. It reclines you and your massage chair into a weightless position, where you’ll feel your tension melt away. Zero Gravity relieves the pressure off your back, neck and whole body because it distributes your body weight evenly. This position not only feels good, it also improves blood flow to your heart, increases lung expansion and enhances oxygen flow to your muscles.

What is Advanced Body Detection Technology?

Advanced Body Detection Technology uses intelligent scanners to perform a body detection scan at every use of your massage chair. When you start a massage in an inTouch massage chair, you’ll feel the massage rollers move gently across your back and you’ll hear a few beeps. The chair is pinpointing the location of your neck, shoulders, waist and hips to detect your shape and height. It then customises your massage to perfectly suit you.

What is Advanced 3D Air Retraction Technology?

This cutting-edge technology involves intelligent 3D massage rollers that extend and retract from the massage track. This means that as they massage, they can apply more pressure to your muscles for a targeted, deeper, more effective massage. At the press of a button, the rollers can be retracted for a gentle soothing massage to ease tension or extended up to three levels for an intense therapeutic deep tissue massage with a genuine remedial effect.

What is Targeted 3D Deep Tissue Massage?

Targeted 3D Deep Tissue Massage allows you to select the exact area where you would like to be massaged. The intelligent 3D massage roller system enables you to pinpoint the precise location of your back or neck pain, program an area or massage your full back and neck, providing long lasting relief. The Smart Glide’s powerful deep tissue massage is now more effective for relieving back pain than any other massage chair in Australia. You can activate the Advanced 3D Deep Tissue Massage with your favourite automatic program or design your own deep tissue massage program.

What is an Advanced L-Shaped Roller Track?

An L-shaped massage track is perfect for targeting your lower back and glutes area. The rollers in most massage chairs only massage up and down your back, yet the Smart Glide’s unique, curved L-shaped Track enables the massaging rollers to travel the full length of your back and continue down to your gluteus muscles. This releases tension in your buttocks and enables you to experience more freedom of movement in your back, hips and legs.

What is Targeted Air Compression Massage?

Air compression is a beneficial massage technique that utilises air cushions specifically placed throughout the massage chair, which compress and release air. Precise targeted technology now allows you to isolate the Smart Glide’s air compression where you need it most; shoulders, hands, seat, calves or feet, all at your desired level of intensity. The Smart Glide’s adjustable shoulder air cushions work into tight shoulders to improve your posture; hip cushions ease tight achy hips and the advanced arm and hand massage eases pain from computer use or arthritis.

What is Bluetooth Music Synchronisation?

Bluetooth Music Synchronisation is latest technology that allows you to stream your music through high quality speakers in your massage chair. At the touch of a button, the Smart Glide can even synchronise your massage to follow the beat of your music. Selecting your favourite relaxing music will give you a gentle soothing massage, while upbeat music will give you an energising massage. It’s really a wow-factor feature!

Massage chair technology is constantly evolving as they become increasingly popular in Australian homes. The massage chairs of today can provide a massage as skilful and technical as the hands of an expert therapist. It’s no wonder that so many people are taking the leap to have them in their own homes now.