Benefits of our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

While the concept of zero gravity isn’t new, the idea of a zero gravity massage chair is fairly new and offers many benefits. The NASA space program came up with the concept to help astronauts deal with compression forces they feel when launching into space. A lot of research resulted in NASA perfecting what is known as the “Neutral Body Posture,” a position that helps to distribute pressure on the body evenly, allowing the body to enjoy maximum relaxation. This idea is often used in many types of wellness therapies because it offers so many benefits.

What is the “Neutral Body Posture,” or zero gravity position? This position involves reclining the body while elevating the feet so they are above the head. It is often called the “Anti-Gravity” position. In new breakthroughs surrounding this optimal posture, our zero gravity massage chair takes advantage of the comfortability the body enjoys in this position and adds massage for even more benefits.

Relaxation to the
Back and Neck

Relaxation to the Back and Neck
01 Relaxation to the Back and Neck
Relaxation to the Back and Neck – Zero Gravity Massage Chair One of the benefits offered by our zero gravity massage chairs is relaxation to the back and neck. The spine is designed to naturally have an “S” shaped curve, but when people sit for long periods of time, the natural curve of the spine is often turned into an unnatural “C” shape. Gravity places a lot of pressure on the spine, but by eliminating the effects of gravity on it, the spine is able to relax into its natural curve, reducing the pressure on the spine and relaxing the lower back, upper back and the neck. Many people find that this position helps to alleviate pain in the spine as well.

Muscle Relief
and Relaxation

Muscle Relief and Relaxation
02 Muscle Relief and Relaxation
Muscle Relief and Relaxation - Zero Gravity Massage ChairThe benefits of a zero gravity position when using our massage chairs also help to offer muscle relief and relaxation. Many positions we sit or stand in throughout the day actually put pressure on the muscles of the body. When the body relaxes in a zero gravity position, it helps to release the pressure from the muscles, and the muscles begin getting the oxygen they need and full relaxation is achieved.

Reduce Pressure
on Your Heart

Reduce Pressure on Your Heart
03 Reduce Pressure on Your Heart
Reduce Pressure on Your Heart - Zero Gravity Massage ChairEven your heart benefits from the zero gravity position, since this position helps to reduce the pressure on your heart. In this position, the blood flow changes, allowing blood to flow into the heart more easily so the heart can more effortlessly distribute blood throughout the body. Normally, the heart has to pump blood up from your legs, working hard against gravity. Not only is the pressure on the heart reduced, but it helps to improve overall circulation throughout your body.

Improved Lung

Improved Lung Expansion
04 Improved Lung Expansion
Improved Lung Expansion - Zero Gravity Massage ChairUsing the zero gravity massage chair allows you to enjoy improved lung expansion. The position takes pressure off the spine and opens up more space for the lungs, allowing them to expand fully. Since the lungs are able to fully expand, the body enjoys an increase in oxygen levels.

Of course, along with all the benefits of zero gravity, our massage chairs also bring the benefits of massage as well. Combining the benefits of massage and the zero gravity position makes our massage chairs an excellent investment for overall wellness and health.