About Us

inTouch Massage Chairs is a well-respected Australian-owned and operated company specialising in luxury massage chairs. All of inTouch Massage Chairs's products have been refined and customised by our in-house engineers and our manufacturer, and we pride ourselves on our prestige products and excellent customer service.

As a leading Australian retailer of massage products, we offer our own exclusive brand of inTouch massage chairs and equipment that replicate the techniques used by massage professionals. From our award-winning massage chairs to foot and calf massagers and neck massagers, we are committed to offering products that enable people to alleviate pain and escape stress so customers can feel better and enjoy a more productive life and better overall health.

Combining the latest technology and innovative design, our products are perfectly suited for today’s modern living.

Our professional team are passionate and caring and strive to provide an exceptional customer experience by assisting our customers in selecting products that best fit their wellness needs. We are committed to making a difference and enriching the lives of others.