Ultra Feel


Innovative Design


Zero Gravity Massge

Based on the principle of zero gravity massage which enables the back, arms, hips and legs to recline simultaneously to fully relax the legs and back and release the whole body from stress, which makes you enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. When used regularly the recline position will help reverse spine compression while improving alignment, for long term health benefits.


Body Shape Detection

The 2nd generation back detection function intelligently detects the length of the spine and customizes for a optimum personalized massage. The Ultra Feel Massage Chair accommodates for various heights and body types, making it suitable for all to use.


Massage Functions

The massage chair comes with a fully equipped remote control to implement the diverse range of massage functions at the click of the relevant buttons. There are auto programs for the weightless procedure, sleeping procedure, neck and waist procedure and stretching procedure. It can incorporate music sync functions, angle adjustment functions, and special features like the patented head massage, foot roller massage, roller width adjustment and heating.


Spine Focus Design

With great support to the back and neck, the massage chair works well in relaxing the muscles around your spine. It adopts the slow motion massage techniques to relax the neck muscles and relieves the pressure on your cervical vertebra with the ability to position the massage to the pain areas to relieve tension.

The chair provides various techniques including stretching, shiatsu, massaging, kneading, tapping, air pressure with heat. It can carry out different massages by combining these techniques giving extensive relief from back pain and is excellent for arthritis and soothing sore muscles for total rejuvenation.

The lengthening tracking of massage technology embraces and strengthen the caudal vertebrate. It precisely presses the important acupoints to facilitate blood circulation, effectively easing waist, leg and back pains. It effectively relieves knots and cramps by relaxing the muscles.

The Ultra Feel Massage Chair uses the “W” shaped air bag design, together with air-pressure technology. The two sides of the airbags not only stimulate the bowel but improve the digestive system.

The penetrating force of far-infrared heating function can reach the depth of muscle joints to effectively speed up blood circulation, activate tissue cells and enhance immunity.

The Ultra Feel Massage Chair adopts the patented formula of wrap around air massage focusing on the relaxation of the temples and acupuncture points. Adjustable for a perfect fit to release head tension and headaches.

The new improved design relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles adopting the slow motion massage to relieve fatigue. It provides kneading; gentle rotational movements and gentle neck traction creating a Shiatsu Style massage relieving pain and stimulating blood circulation and cell vitality.


The Ultra Feel Massage Chair provides the most effective arm massage. The arms can be massaged from any angle hugged by the U shaped armrest. Experience a gentle massage as the air cells work on the forearms up to the fingertips.

The Massage Chair uses new patented airbag cells which provides shiatsu massage for the calves and ankles with foot roller technology to stimulate the foots reflexology zones. This technology effectively dispels Lymph toxins improving immunity.


The Ultra Feel Massage Chair expertly massages your legs by providing compression and rotation of the muscles. You can improve the flexibility of the leg muscles and restore the health and vitality of the legs. The leg supports are extendable and can be lifted from the lowest position to the maximum upper position with any mode.

Clicking just one button enables the auto measurement of the spine length using the 2nd generation back detection function to put you in the most comfortable measuring position for delivering a mesmerizing massage. With a tridimensional special design, the remote can be put erectly or hidden in its seamless integrated compartment.