14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Customers can purchase our products with confidence, since every purchase that is made on our site is protected by the inTouch 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. We stand behind all of the products that we offer, ensuring that customers are happy with the products they purchase. While we are happy to offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee to all customers, customers must understand that certain terms and conditions must be met before we can provide customers with a refund. The following are important terms and conditions to keep in mind by customers that want to use our returns policy. Please read our refund policy completely before returning items for a refund.

When customers receive the product that they ordered from inTouch, the 14 Day Money Back Guarantee period begins on the date of receipt. If no receipt of delivery is available, it is assumed that the date will be three days after the date that the product was dispatched.

When a product refund is requested during that 14 day period, according to our refund policy, inTouch will refund the original purchase price of the product. However, there are certain charges and fees that cannot be reimbursed, including the following:

- The cost of returning the product/products to inTouch Massage Chairs

- Shipping delivery charges* from inTouch

* If items are purchased using Free Shipping and the cost of the products total less than $150, shipping delivery charges will be $15 and return charges will be $17. If products are purchasing using Free Shipping during a promotion offered for Free Shipping, shipping costs will be the cost that would have been charged on the order before the temporary promotion was applied.

If a delivery is rejected or an order is cancelled after the dispatch of the goods, the situation will be dealt with under the terms of the 14 Day Money Back Guarantee returns policy and any refunds made will be in accordance with the above paragraph 2.

Any products returned must be in their original condition and placed in the original packaging. Any and all accessories should be included. Certain products cannot be disassembled after they have been assembled, which makes it impossible to return them in their original condition. This means that the guarantee does not cover these items if they have already been assembled. To test product features of the product, including comfort and colour, it is best to do so without assembling the product or the product cannot be returned.

At inTouch, we reserve the right to charge re-stocking fees on returned items, and re-stocking fees may be deducted from the customer’s total refund when returning a product. We require photographs to prove that products are indeed in their original packaging before offering refunds as a part of our returns policy.

inTouch has the right to change any of these terms and conditions regarding the 14 Day Money Back Guarantee returns policy at any time and without providing notice to customers.